Escape from the Laundromat aka Laundry Escape 2

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Escape from the Laundromat aka Laundry Escape 2Escape from the Laundromat aka Laundry Escape 2Escape from the Laundromat aka Laundry Escape 2 is the latest Room Escape game created by Dina Gjertsen, the author  Seven Rooms, Six Rooms, Escape from the Oval Office, Escape from the Basement, Cemet’ry Gates, Escape from the Gallery and Dream Escape.

I wonder why AddictingGames called this one Laundry Escape 2? Any idea?

Have fun!

Escape from the Laundromat walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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94 Comments to Escape from the Laundromat aka Laundry Escape 2

  1. shaz says:

    ok finerly got it was not ist white arrow, it the 4th one from the left

  2. ashley says:

    need help to get the alarm off, what’s the thing?

  3. Mr. Clean says:

    dude. this is gay. i’m clickin the coin slot and it wont give me the bouncy ball

    • Jonfron says:

      You have to go to the phone and type in the code to get a coin then you put the coin in the toy dispenser, and if you look through the pics on the camera it gives you the code.

  4. Roisin Hoey says:

    where’s the screwdriver!?

  5. joe says:

    u are sppost to drag the coin and put it in the ball slot mr. clean

  6. SarahAtTheDisco says:

    I found a glitch.


    Hope this helped! It worked for mine.

  7. Briany says:

    can some one tell me everything to do

  8. Fran says:

    Code on the phone is Show

  9. maddie says:


  10. amanda says:

    on the soap despenser there whould be a row of colors. under the first color on the left there should be a black dot, click that to get the screw driver

  11. Bil-lee says:

    buutt…4 thee alarm thingy i ALREADY clicked thee pink AND yellow switches 2 the right..anymore colors i need 2 add?

    • Brenda says:

      you slid the buttons on the alarm in the direction the toes are pointing,on the colored sockes over the broken machine…

  12. Bil-lee says:

    there was sumthing about socks? i dont know how 2 get them and WHATT colors 2 get.

  13. kasandra says:

    you put the pink both reds blue and green switches on the right side

  14. ross says:

    you need the screwdriver from the soap dispenser in order to open the Alarm Box!! click black little button

  15. Jeannette says:

    The code for the alarm is


  16. sum1wholikesescapegames... says:

    THNX!!! Jelliza … i used a very long time 2 get the second coin

    … spoiler4U!!


  17. chloe says:

    how do you get to the panel? i tried and it kept clicking the red bar to go over… what do i do??

  18. justme says:

    how did you figure out the code for the telephone?

  19. ginny says:

    this is about the color panel:


  20. Lew says:

    Soooo confused >.<

  21. marvin says:

    the picture shows a license plate that says CALL# if you call that on the phone (2255#) you get a coin

  22. dgcx says:

    how do we switch off alarm

  23. tt says:

    this is stupid i cant figure it out?

  24. kevin says:

    where is the knife?

  25. iNF357ed says:

    Here is the true walkthrough, I have read other people’s walkthroughs when I finished, and I can say some people missed steps. You do not have to do everything in order but some things have to be done before you can do other things.

    And Here is what I did…

    Im gonna make another post if you dont wanna use a spoiler but are stuck finding out information, like with the camera, etc.

  26. drew says:

    i won this game rules!

  27. ryry says:

    ok this game was eazy for the alarm code just put all of the colors to the right and use the plyers to get the ket walla your outa that place

  28. camera says:

    whats the camera for?

  29. English Scotty says:

    Okay, most of the help given on here is not specific but hopefully this shall help you to understand how to escape or give you a boost if stuck on parts.


    Well, this is the way I escaped but I hope this helped you to progress if you’re stuck on any part of the game. Happy Playing!

  30. Anoyachi says:

    actually the secret of the alarm lies in the ball wich you get from the toy player. Arrange according to the colours of the ball hope this helped!

  31. Searabbits says:

    I put the light in, but no key :( and now no light D:

  32. hilbilly says:

    Bugs.. If you don’t do things in a certain order it will require restarting.. Almost impossible to finish without restarting…