Escape from the Oval Office

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Escape from the Oval OfficeEscape from the Oval OfficeEscape from the Oval Office is a new “unapologetically partisan” Room Escape game created by Dina Gjertsen, the author of Escape from the Basement, Cemet’ry Gates, Dream Escape, Escape from the Kitchen and Escape from the Gallery.

After eight years spent as President of the most influential country in the World, W really wants to go back home and it’s your responsibility to help him!

The Tab key is your friend here!

Have fun!

Update: Escape from the Oval Office walkthrough in comment #40 (thanks Keli!)

By Eric

current rating 3.00


96 Comments to Escape from the Oval Office

  1. Keli/keli87 says:

    It is pretty much as crool said, a pixel hunt, i didnt real feel tab was a friend as stated, and it would have been nice if the cursor changed on the items, also i hate it when u have to drag the tools from the inventory, however it was an enjoyable game nicely done Dina Gjertsen!!

  2. Crool says:

    @ Hi Keli, sorry I left the game, because I had to go. But you already found all the answers ;) Well done! It was the wing under the table I was missing ;) thx

  3. laughingpoodle says:

    LOVE it!

  4. Jade says:

    Thanks for the walkthough Keli. I couldn’t find the arrows to save mi vida! A little buggy, but a fun game.

  5. treeld says:

    there’s another escape game going to probably be posted soon called 3 cats…so far nobody can get it loaded so if you don’t want to be frustrated don’t bother LOL

  6. chantel says:

    screwdriever doesn’t work with thing y not help??

  7. chantel says:

    the screwdriever doesn’t work with the thing u have to put it in y doesn’t it wotk

  8. Jade says:

    Chantel Show

  9. ellie says:

    Cool and funny. Thanks!

  10. Fairygirl says:

    how do I pop the balloon?

  11. Keli/keli87 says:

    Glad to help ‘Crool’ its funny because normally when i play these games weeks after they’ve been released, its normally your hints and tips i use!! So no thanks neccessary :D

  12. Unowninator says:

    This game is hilarious when you read the text at the bottom:

    “I’ve always wondered what that phone is for”.
    The ‘Best President Cup’ “My mom bought that for me”.
    “When I got this thing (the Wii) to work, I got no work done at all.”

    ROFLMAO; G.W.Bush is such an idiot!

  13. Unowninator says:

    Where can I find the… Show

  14. Unowninator says:

    LOL; never mind; I just answered my own question.

  15. DNOMN8R says:

    In response to the “Wii=no work” comment (#62):

    Awesome game!

  16. Billybob Joe says:

    Thanks Keli for the walkthrough. Without it I would have gone crazy.

  17. Brad says:

    I can’t seem to get the bathroom key :S Can someone please help

  18. Brad says:

    Never mind got it now. By the way, Thanks for the walkthrough

  19. Brad says:

    Cant reveal the pipe though

  20. em says:

    i dont understand what thee lock code thingy issss.

  21. ME says:

    how do u use anything
    i can click on it, but then it takes up the whole screen and i cant figure out how to use it!

  22. LADIDA says:

    I have the whole walk through in the spoiler container below


  23. elyman says:

    HOW DO U GET AWAY FRUM THE PRINTER??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. LADIDA says:

    Please thank me if you like the “Escape From the Oval office walkthrough”

  25. MEME says:

    where do you find the arrow thingys? its the only thing I neeed and i cant figure it out haha, and what do you use the picture for?

  26. tim says:

    I cannot get the password to enter. Blue button does nothing

  27. jonjonjonjon says:

    how do u get the Show

  28. Micr0b0t says:

    how do I open the picture?

  29. Vick Singh says:

    the password is Show

  30. Bubba says:

    The stupid screw driver wont work!!!!!!!

  31. Bubba says:

    nevermind i got it
    YEY!!!!!!! I WIN !!!!!!!!!

  32. Cody Lick says:

    it took me forever to finally find the flag. I played this game multiple times but i couldn’t remember where the flag was and i couldn’t find the walkthrough that said where it was, i finally found it and got the flag and got out but hey great walkthrough’s everyone just needed to state where the flag was a little more clearly

  33. timothy says:

    were is the arrows and green twigs

  34. KailaTerrace says:

    Cant seem to click Show


  35. carmen says:

    I typed in wow2000 but nothing happens when I click on the blue button. I can’t print the left wing.

  36. britt says:

    where’s the eagle head?

  37. britt says:

    never mind..i feel dumb. i figured it out. lol.

  38. Gav 10 says:

    LADIDA, you didnt tell where the twigs were.

  39. boo !! says:

    i put the password in on the computer but it isnt doing anything … what do you press to get loged in to his computer

  40. Steph says:

    how do i put the handle o the printer ?

  41. aleena says:

    where is the w key ?

    • juan hatfield says:

      you lift the left couch cushion up and you pick up the key and put in the door you have to have the blue thing out of the window and you click behind the toilet and turn the blue thing and pull the w key out of the toilet

  42. katina says:

    i cant enter the password

  43. juan hatfield says:

    whats the dang password for the computer

  44. Blake says:

    I keep putting in the password again and again but i still can’t get in George’s computer to get the other eagle wing. Can somebody help me ? PLEASE