Escape from the Gallery

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Escape from the GalleryEscape from the GalleryAfter Dream Escape and Escape from the Kitchen, Escape from the Gallery is the third Room Escape game created by Dina Gjertsen.

Your goal here is to escape from a contemporary art gallery.

It seems Dina Gjertsen is really interested in contemporary artists: if you like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons artwork, you will probably enjoy this game.

Oh, and the TAB key is your friend in Escape from the Gallery!

Have fun!

Update: Escape from the Gallery walkthrough in comment #46 (thanks Reka!)

Update: Escape from the Gallery video walkthrough! (thanks itsjustanaccount!)

By Eric

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74 Comments to Escape from the Gallery

  1. My Name Paco says:

    Moving that big pile of junk is not only boring but annoying. Craptastic scale gives this a dirty 2.

  2. zelkin says:

    I finally figured out what to do with the marker

  3. DNOMN8R says:

    I can’t get the suction cup!

  4. DNOMN8R says:

    Nvr mind, it wouldn’t let me get it until after I’d attached the spigot.

  5. soso says:

    do you know what television to use with the remote

  6. Amanda says:

    i found a utility knife too. did anyone else get that? whats it used for?

  7. lil'un says:

    which tv do you use the dentists pick on? :S and am i clickin on the tv or dragging the pick over the tv? so confused!

  8. KCY85 says:


  9. KCY85 says:

    never mind i found it

  10. TempShurikn says:

    AHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I GET IT !!!!!!! , U have to get the light bulb , go to the 4 picture things , put the plug in the socket , use the light bulb on the hole things , go to the tvs , use ur dental pick from the very bottom left corner cabinet and go up one cabinet .. Use the dental pickjus slightly above the cabinet and out pops up the suction cup xDD

  11. lynn says:

    how do i draw a door

  12. shineey says:

    I cant get the remote for the tv.. can anybody help me..pls.nothing happened on pressing tab

  13. Emily Loo says:

    I can’t get the remote either, im clicking all over the bench thing and nothings is happening

  14. Emily Loo says:

    ok never mind, i found it

  15. Jason says:

    This is the hokiest, cheeziest, buggiest game I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is high school project-esque. (no, not even college level)

  16. lal says:

    i done it!!!! easey peasy!

  17. guilda2 says:

    Great game. Enjoyed it very much, especially the moving things( the candel, the toy and the pile). it’s some kind of new in the escape rooms games.. keep it up!

  18. Someone says:

    The picture is just plain wrong. Look at it carefully. This has nothing to do with the game. Let’s just say be thankful for those parts blocking the rest of the picture.

  19. Nana Valentine says:

    What? The Odessa picture? I like it…

  20. Billyq= says:

    i cannot get that reote!!!

  21. Billy says:

    what is this “tab” thing everyone is talking about.
    The thing that will help me find the spot on the bench to click?
    yeah what is that lol

  22. daniel says:

    how do i get the light bulb and the tv to use the remote on is the first top remote on the first shelf and the pick u use it on the key hole on the cabinet with all the tvs and the suction cup is for when you get the utility knife cut open the box with the tape on it and then you see the shark well at the top there is a hole and you place the piece that you find by movin all the things on there and it will say a date get that date and go back to the shark tank them two boxes on the floor click on the second one put that date there and then you go where the bed is and u find the remote by clickin on the matress and the spicket is found in the cups where do i use the key at and how do i find the light bulb hellllp pleeease

  23. mr gray says:

    found the way out the crack in the door at the top click it and the candle you click repeatedly you will see the glass cutter then go back to the shark tank cut a hole around the key use suction cup to remove glass then click the key go back to the door you made and put the key in the hole or spot you have and you’ll see you’re surprise