Brown Dyed Hotel

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Brown Dyed-hotel-50.jpgBrown Dyed HotelBrown Dyed Hotel is a mix of a puzzle game and a riddle game. Your goal here is to reach the next “room” by solving a little puzzle. It seems there is not a lot of “rooms” to explore, but the use of Flash adds interest to the game. All in all, a worthwhile diversion.

2008-02-29: Found on the main page: “It is time to unveil this website’s true purpose. We are making a game. A game that has not been seen anyone before. We are not trying to invent new genres, but we are doing a take on existing ones in a complete new way. The game is due very soon and we’ll be posting news about the progress as we go…”

About the original puzzle game: “The last page most people reached was a page showing four timers, of which three counted down to videos and the fourth one to the launch of this website. There was (and still is) lots more to find over this website…”

Have fun!

Update: Brown Dyed Hotel walkthrough (?) in comments #36 and #37 (thanks Lou!)

By Eric

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  1. Susan says:

    Frustration again! I had no problem getting to level 6 and with Denny’s help, easily got to level 5. But now…I have clicked on “b” where it says PRESS B and it doesn’t convert into a page; the right-hand door converts to the page with the writing. I noticed HEBROOD on the page that tells me to press B, but when I click on B I get sent back to the corridor. I’ve clicked in so many different ways (different areas on B) but it seems something isn’t responding. So, here I am stuck in level 5. I can see the room with the piano but I’ve clicked everywhere and level 4 eludes me at the moment. Any tricks that might move me forward? Thanks everyone!

  2. Jeff says:

    Cool, weird game…i too put the pieces 2gether, and watched the videos of junk in the wind….really strange…reminds me of the pre-Cloverfield hype.

  3. Susan says:

    Not to be nagging….BUT, level 5!!!!??? Denny, my friend, where are you cuz I really need you!!! :) This level is driving me nuts….so close to the end (sigh). I’m probably looking right at it but just not clicking in the right spot. Anyway…I would appreciate any help anyone would care to share with me! I have this annoying habit about not giving up… Go figure…I can play the Myst series, but this…….!? Thanks everyone

    Tenacious to the end!!!!!

  4. Mickey says:

    Lou…. level 8 should be…. click to the right.
    Thanks for walkthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. silverhawk says:

    LordKnight, can you elaborate on that? The overlap of the puzzle pieces don’t look like anything.

  6. Comrade says:

    im stuck at ILove lamp
    can anyone help me with that?

  7. Blarg says:

    The dingbats symbols on the notebook equal:

    I don’t know what that is supposed to be. Also, on “number 12?” you can zoom in on the circle on the right and there’s a block of text there. I’m clueless when it comes to the 7 squares and the puzzle.

  8. Nick says:

    The winggydings in notebook translate to a chemical formual type thing

  9. Susan says:

    I could really use some help completing lvl 5…I’ve clicked on the walls – the right wall turned into a page with strange writing but the left wall did not. I pressed b just as they told me to but no page with HEBROOD. I did, however, see HEBROOD with all the writing where it says “press b”. I am able to go into what looks like a picture of a piano in a room, but can’t find the door to get me to lvl 4. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, I would really appreciate a nudge in the right direction…I’ve clicked just about everywhere!

  10. lollipopppp says:

    Back to first page… Its updated.

  11. Alyss says:

    I need help with level 4 =( im doing the stuff but it’s not working!!!

  12. Greenthunder says:

    Youre supposed to:


  13. heather says:

    when i got to the page with the videos i clicked the hotel and it took me to like a map

  14. CopperTopp says:

    When you get to the room blackprint.html at the end of a game which is the middle white dot at the end you can see on the white board in the background that it says ILOVELAMP.html it will take you to another section area. check it out. but ILOVELAME.html must be in caplocks.

  15. bigcub123 says:

    on ILOVELAMP… I am curious as to what people think… the meaning of
    W_ or of W-… tried using as url, did not hit correct permutation. for some reason to me most looks like w,not m or E. Any comments?

  16. anna says:

    till i love lamp page..can see what?

  17. anna says:

    all i see is a blank white page with brown background

  18. Gossipgirllover says:

    what happens after level 0??? anyone??