Cactus Room

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Cactus Room EscapeIf you are looking for a new Japanese Room Escape game, if you like cactus and if you also like pixel hunting, you might give a try to Cactus Room. This game is in Japanese, there is a cactus in this room, and it requires a lot of pixel hunting! Frustration Guaranteed! Have fun!

By Eric

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31 Comments to Cactus Room

  1. Wendy says:


  2. Wendy says:

    Found Show

    then found Show

  3. sue says:

    look at bottom of glass door flick switch get chair putShow

    now stuck

  4. sue says:

    look under table also picture on right bottom window

  5. Mandy says:

    flicked the switch but where is the chair?

  6. Ellen says:

    @ Mandy

    The chair is behind window on terras…when you change the switch on left side of window then you are able to open right side of window and then you can take the chair.

  7. Ellen says:

    What does the white paper say on right side of window? i thought the arrow means to look on the right side of big terrasdoor,but it seems i’m wrong…and after i placed the chair under small window…what can i do there? someone? thank you!

  8. daber says:

    there’s a hole in the frame of the picture on the middle of the left side–what to put in it I don’t know..but that’s what the picture under the table is pointing out I believe

  9. daber says:

    stuck….a bit too much pixel hunting to make it fun for me…got to go back to work good luck all

  10. jojo says:

    No, the picture under the table shows an outline of the room.
    Use your looking glass in the indicated corner and you find another hint for the code.

    Have only found two of the symbols so far

  11. Mandy says:

    where on the glass door?

  12. Anonymouse says:

    check floor in front of door

  13. Mandy says:

    Any other help?

  14. Anonymouse says:

    code- circle, triangle, +, rectangle

    triangle- Show

    + –Show


    code= Show

  15. Arim says:

    Look in the center/bottom of the room, from the view at the little round table.

  16. Anonymouse says:

    Mandy if you’re still loking for way to open sliding glass door:

  17. Mandy says:

    ok, I have the Show

    but what do I do with it?

  18. Anonymouse says:



  19. Anonymouse says:

    make sure to check floor in front of door for pen & book clues


    keyhole- Show

  20. Ellen says:

    @ Anonymouse

    Where is the pen and book??? i’ve placed the footstool under the small window…

  21. Anonymouse says:

    look at main door, on bottom of screen cursor turns to hand

  22. Mandy says:

    how do you use the coin on the handle as the blind is in the way?

  23. Ellen says:

    @ Anonymouse

    I did that but all i see is yes indeed my curser turns into a hand,nothing else happens,… strange?

  24. dg says:

    To get handle:

  25. ktkelley says:

    Anyone else have a baseball mit? I haven’t seen anyone mention it and I can’t find where to use it. I also can’t seem to get any closer view on the window despite putting the chair under it. HELP

  26. brin3m says:

    hey where is hole on painting…..clue isn’t helping

  27. brin3m says:

    how do you get to back of painting?

  28. taurus59 says:

    Hole on painting is on the inside of the left frame.

  29. Ellen says:

    @ ktkelley

    Yes,i have the same ktkelley,i also found a baseball mit and i also don’t know where to use it…and about the chair…i am also stuck there,now we are both stuck lol…. and @ brin3m…i also can’t get to backside of painting…
    where is the handle actually? can someone help us?thanks!

  30. Ellen says:

    okeejj,i have found the handle…this game is really pixel hunting!
    click upperleft side small window(where you put chair) and you can see the handle… i opened the frame,and see a ball that changes into red and blue,leave it to blue and go to maindoor,and see what is there…and stuck again,and what about the keyhole in the frame…where is the key?

  31. Ellen says:

    hehe,i’m out…. use baseball mit on cactus… and from there go to frame to keyhole,take a look on front side of picture in frame and go to maindoor….the rest you can do yourself….bye bye:-))))))