Dynamic Systems 2

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Dynamic SystemsDynamic Systems 2 is a new physics-based puzzle game inspired from The Incredible Machine. Developed by Lorenzo Nuvoletta, this sequel to Dynamic Systems features 30 new levels and a level editor. If you like Dynamic Systems 2, also check out games like Fantastic Contraption, Launch Ball or Blueprint. Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Dynamic Systems 2

  1. mjbin says:

    can’t solve #2 what gives put gear everywhere to no avail……?

  2. gorgon1383 says:

    level 30, its already 80 minutes++ and still counting, cant solve d game! s h i t!!! i cant sleep d whole nite!!! plz somebody help me!!!!!

  3. gorgon1383 says:

    almost 120minutes / 2 hour!!!!! pleaseeeeee….

  4. gorgon1383 says:

    thanx for wasting my 180minutes…

  5. gorgon1383 says:

    thanx for wasting my 180minutes

  6. gorgon1383 says:

    found it! thanx to google.. n yahoo sucks!!!!!