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Teagames.com was founded by the British designer David Thorburn and has been established since 2003. Teagames.com is very well known website from the online gamers community.

You will find on David’s website all the games he has developed until now. Many of them involve driving a truck (Funky Truck) or a bike (BMX); graphics of almost all of them include pastel colors and a very ‘unique’ design.

Physics are great and games are usually released every month. Here is a selection of the most interesting and addictive ones…


OrangutwangOrangutwang, the last game released until today has a quite different game play than the usual setup of most famous David Thorburn games. The object here is simply to swing a stretchy Orangutan from ring to ring and help him collecting babanas before the time runs out. Use your mouse and hold on the left button to select a member’s end and drag it on a ring. Avoid Arachnids and wasps.

As usual with Teamgames, graphics and physics are perfect. On the downside, the 60 seconds delay to complete a level is probably a little bit to short for those who just want to relax during a break. Anyway, everyone should enjoy playing a few minutes with Orangutwang. Not the best game ever, but an original and very well designed one. Have fun!

Funky Truck Arizona

Funky Truck ArizonaThe latest version of the Funky Truck series. The game puts you as a driver of a Funky Truck that you can customize in the main menu. The object of the game is to drive as fast as you can through 9 different stages from beginning to end, keeping your truck clean and undamaged.

Use the practise option to get familiar with the truck (arrow keys to control the truck), and enjoy the amazing physics implementation. A really nice little and simple game, allowing you to attempt some triple back somersaults with a 4WD to get extra bonus points – Wow! Have fun!


BlueprintBlueprint is puzzle/physics type game. The object of the game is to arrange the different objects on the play filed so that when the ball is released, it will end onto the target. Use the mouse to drag and drop the objects the way you like, then click the start button to launch the ball.

Difficulty increases as the levels progress, although the different levels may be completed in any order. Of course, the downside of the game is that once you have completed a level, there is no interest to redo that same level again. A great game for a 10 minute break. Have fun!

BMX Highlands

BMX HighlandsThe latest version of the BMX series. The game puts you as a biker ; the object of the game is to ride the slopes and hills of the Highlands, exploring the 9 different levels of the game looking for keys (3 per level) and try to make successful stunts to get extra bonus points.

With really nice animation and physics, the game looks great and is easy to play; you can control your biker with the arrow keys: up for peddling forward; left to lean back; right to lean forward and down to brake. Use your space bar to turn around and Ctrl to recover from a crash. You will have probably to practice for a while before mastering this game, but it really worthes it! Have fun!

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