Fantastic Contraption

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Fantastic ContraptionFantastic ContraptionFantastic Contraption is a physics-based puzzle game similar to Armadillo Run or The Incredible Machine developed by Colin Northway.

Your goal here is to get the pink object located in the light blue area to reach the pink area. To do so, simply drag and drop some wheels and sticks in  the play field (available in the tool menu at the top of the game window) and build a contraption that can overcome the obstacles.

You are not given a lot of choices for tools, but that’s what make Fantastic Contraption a fun and interesting game.

The first 20 levels are free to play in Fantastic Contraption; unfortunately, you will have to register for $10 if you want to make your own levels and play levels other people have made.

Have fun!

Update: Fantastic Contraption walkthrough in the comments (special thanks to Brad Pitt and Napaku!)

By Eric

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  1. imran14826 says:

    This is hands down the most epic solution to U-Turn I’ve seen Thanks.