Beer Room Escape

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Beer Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Gruel Room Escape, Sake Room Escape, Wine Room Escape, Miso Soup Room Escape, Corn Soup Room Escape, Green Tea Room Escape, Coffee Room Escape and many more. Have fun!

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Beer Room Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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19 Comments to Beer Room Escape

  1. CM says:

    first I guess.

    Was able to find Show

    Stuck now.

  2. CM says:

    Alright Found what to do:

  3. calluda says:

    hi, where is the red ball?

  4. calluda says:

    oh, can see it but where is the nippers?

  5. CM says:

    Get the nippers


  6. calluda says:


  7. CM says:

    Calluda, How did you decipher the code at the end?

  8. Shaky Shot says:

    the code for the balls is

    no trial and error needed

  9. Andy says:

    Where’s the red key and the pliers/nippers?

  10. CM says:

    How about the exit code?

  11. bosco says:

    I dont think they really decipher the code anymore, I think they find another walkthrough and finish it then just say “OUT”… they used to give more clues on these games, but lately, they just say “out” without helping anymore. I cant decipher the numbers from the clue in the book either. I wont ask for help anymore, I just wont play. I used to write walkthroughs for some of these games too, but there goes that fun.

  12. Knotaklu says:

    Door Code:


    Clue: Show

    Bigger clue: Show

  13. CM says:

    Andy, See comment above to find the nippers.

    Bosco, Sorry you are not happy with the responses.

  14. Knotaklu says:


    Walk throughs are great when I’ve given up at a point in a game, but I usually prefer clues that get me in the right mind-set to figure out the puzzle myself.

    As for writeing walk throughs I can only speak for myself in that I type so poorly and slowly that by the time I could finish the game would have been archived.LOL

  15. charm says:

    Im realy new to this and iv looked everywhere and cant find the blue key or ball. PLEASE HELP!

  16. dg says:

    Blue key: Show

    Red key: Show

    Simple puzzle this time – see Knotaklu’s comment.

  17. Andy says:

    Thanks CM. I think there must have been a delay in your other post being displayed.

    This, to me, was one of the easier codes to decipher. I used Excel so I could copy & paste the rows where I wanted them.

  18. andean says:

    Thank you for your step clues to the Door Code. Even if you type “poorly and slowly,” you are a smart cookie (choose your flavor – LOL).
    After I read your clues, I saw the picture movement and realized its purpose. Out the door in just a few minutes.