Miso Soup Room Escape

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Miso Soup Room EscapeMiso Soup Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Corn Soup Room Escape, Green Tea Room Escape, Coffee Room Escape, Cookie Room Escape, Candy Room Escape, Icecream Room Escape and many more. Have fun!

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Miso Soup Room Escape walkthrough (thanks Christina!)

By Eric

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21 Comments to Miso Soup Room Escape

  1. dg says:

    First – or not…

  2. dg says:

    Red key: Show

  3. matty says:

    got 3 soups, yellow key and scissors, now stuck

  4. dg says:

    I’m not sure I completely understand the patterns. I got the first digit by trial and error, and the others from the patterns. The code is Show

  5. Ellie says:


  6. matty says:

    got umbrella and red ball

  7. matty says:

    found spatula and red key

  8. dg says:

    @Ellie – thanks, you are right! I thought Show

  9. matty says:

    how do you use the violet liquid ???

  10. matty says:

    whippee !!!, got the liquid in the test tubes but now can’t find blue key ?

  11. Andy says:

    Matty – Show

  12. matty says:

    @Andy – Thanks, saving the easiest till last.

  13. matty says:

    I’m out, only took an hour. Thats probably pretty bad bust it was my first go at these things, which one is next

  14. Deb says:

    Fun game, I love Parallellove games. I’m getting to where I know the flow and logic behind his games, and can figure these things out on my own now. Except for the final code..that one I usually need help with, lol.

  15. saladdd says:

    this game is not very difficult except the last code
    I’ve used much of the time to figure out..

  16. Sol says:

    But where does one use the wire cutter?

  17. Sol says:

    Found out myself where to use it.

  18. goldie says:

    Game Clear.

  19. Lorena says:

    I just cana’t figure out how to Show

  20. Lorena says:

    never mind, found the Show

  21. Christina says:


    Main screen: We see the door to escape and the door key thingy. As we see we need balls…woo hoo.

    Go right.


    Go right.


    Go right.


    Go right 2 times.


    Go right.


    With the syringe Show

    Go right.


    Go right.

    Insert the balls in the correct order and you’ll see colors in grids pop up on the screen. Show


    Enter code and leave! Ta da!