Wine Room Escape

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Wine Room EscapeWine Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Miso Soup Room Escape, Corn Soup Room Escape, Green Tea Room Escape, Coffee Room Escape, Cookie Room Escape, Candy Room Escape and many more. Have fun!

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By Eric

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14 Comments to Wine Room Escape

  1. DNOMN8R says:

    And out.

  2. Titania says:

    Was easy today! In case someone needs door code it’sShow

  3. dg says:

    Red key: Show

    Hint 1 for the code: Show

    Hint 2 for the code: Show

  4. Lorena says:

    yey! live game

  5. Lorena says:

    original…stars instead of balls this time (yawn) I’m out

  6. Lorena says:

    I’ts christmas, I’m too lazy to write a walkthrough
    Anemic! better you do it, they are always funny

  7. Anemic says:

    Thank you. I’m holding out for a while, though. Hoping against hope that Parallellove will offer up something new.

    Remember a year or so ago when they really put a lot into these games? Now it’s the same shtick, week after week.

  8. Me2 says:

    At least we get a glass of wine (or five) with this game.

  9. goldie says:

    Game Clear..

  10. David says:

    why can’t I ever find red key

  11. dg says:

    @David – see my previous post (if you haven’t found it already).

  12. David says:

    thank you dg

  13. Sandcastle says:

    Easy yet again.. but did anyone find an eraser for the booklet??…

  14. dg says:

    @Sandcastle: the eraser is Show