Defuse – Amalgamated Research Group

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Defuse – Amalgamated Research Group is a little puzzler where you have to defuse several explosive packages (9 in total). None of the levels in the game have specific directions, so it’s up to you to infer how each level works! Hope you have good nerves! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 2.89


14 Comments to Defuse – Amalgamated Research Group

  1. adders says:

    First for the first time in 2010

  2. Andy says:

    I got the first 4… working on 5 now.

  3. Andy says:

    Can’t figure out the logic for what makes explosions in that one yet. I’ll come back later on.

  4. IIAOPSW says:

    the directions in the game might be a little more helpful to those who are stuck.

    level 5 explodes after 42 clicks (notice the counter on the right that leads to the explode light).

    -The Author

  5. DNOMN8R says:

    Got the first three. Stuck.

  6. Cor says:

    level 2 anyone?

  7. Cor says:

    nevermind.. got it

  8. mjn says:

    I nominate this game to be the hardest game of 2010 !!
    I got to bomb 3 and got stuck for a while ! and I thought it was tough ..
    but when I got to bomb 4 ! I just couldn’t do anything !
    I closed the game ..

  9. guyu says:

    help with level 8!! Please

  10. Unowninator says:

    “level 5 explodes after 42 clicks (notice the counter on the right that leads to the explode light).”

    I’ve died on that level many times in LESS than 42 clicks! I even died in less than *10* clicks! Could someone give me a hint for level 5 please?

  11. Unowninator says:

    Now I get it (what makes you die in level 5).

    I’m sorry if you don’t understand me, but I don’t know how to make it any clearer. If someone else could explain it better (or give an example), could you please do that? Thanks.

  12. Unowninator says:

    *Okay, I’d like to correct an error I made. Show

  13. Adam says:

    can someone write how to pass room 8? need help there

  14. thom says:

    level 8’s the only one im stuck on.. does anyone know how to do iy?