Green Soy Beans Room Escape

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Green Soy Beans Room EscapeGreen Soy Beans Room EscapeGreen Soy Beans Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Mushroom Room Escape, Garlic Room Escape, Spinach Room Escape, Potato Room Escape, Lotus Root Room Escape, Bell Pepper Room Escape, Chinese Cabbage Room Escape and many more.

You are trapped in an unknown room, and you will have to collect several green beans today…

Have fun!

Green Soy Beans Room Escape walkthrough (thanks Anemic!)

By Eric

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27 Comments to Green Soy Beans Room Escape

  1. emi says:


  2. Pat says:


  3. emi says:

    stuck with the code

  4. Alucard says:

    Third… What do I do


    Help please!

  5. Alucard says:

    At the end I figured it out by myself… Now I need help witht he final code… If anyone knows how please tell me.

  6. emi says:

    out ^^

  7. emi says:

    Alucard the code is


  8. Alucard says:

    Thanks! But, how did you found that?!!


  9. emi says:


  10. emi says:

    i hope it make sense!

  11. Alucard says:

    ^^U Should have known it was something like that… Thanks.

  12. Lizzy says:

    Please help with the screen, balls, and 9 buttons.

  13. lou says:

    hi does any one no what to do with the coloured balls please

  14. lou says:

    figured out what to do with the buttons on tv Show

    but now stuck

  15. lou says:

    you have to spell the colours to get the code

  16. Toxic says:


    The only hard bit was Show

  17. sue says:

    how about a hint for the blue key? which room?

  18. sue says:

    nvm couch room

  19. Andy says:

    I’m still confused on the balls and the TV thing. I can put the balls into the hole, one at a time, but don’t know how to make anything of it all.

  20. Fire Storm says:

    Had got photoshop…how about a clearer hint or a clue? Thanks

  21. Fire Storm says:

    haven’t got photoshop now…I mean..sorry….that was clear a mud lol

  22. Anemic says:


    Door Screen (1)


    Couch Screen (2)


    Ikea Furniture Screen (3)


    Safe Screen (4)


    Ikea Furniture Screen (3)


    Couch Screen (2)


    Door Screen (1)





  23. lml4eva119 says:

    Goes anyone know how to get on these stupid games? I keep gettin a message saying busy right now try again later!!!! Any help???

  24. lml4eva119 says:

    ok im on but in japenese! lol

  25. Reka says:

    lml4eva119, it doesn’t matter what language version you play: the “English” version uses a definition of the word “English” that is, let’s just say, different than normal. :)

  26. lml4eva119 says:

    Ya i know Reka! I was fine once i got on!! LOL Do u know the game mushroom escape or whatever its called? I cant get on that one in english or japenese i keep getting now busy try again later!!! lol

  27. Quazy says:

    Clarification on the code portion of the walkthrough posted by Anemic