Mushroom Room Escape

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Mushroom Room EscapeMushroom Room EscapeMushroom Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Garlic Room Escape, Spinach Room Escape, Potato Room Escape, Lotus Root Room Escape, Bell Pepper Room Escape, Chinese Cabbage Room Escape, Carrot Room Escape and many more.

You are trapped in an unknown room, and you will have to collect several mushrooms today…

Have fun!

Mushroom Room Escape walkthrough (thanks White Wolf!)

By Eric

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37 Comments to Mushroom Room Escape

  1. sian says:

    first wow

  2. vanni ogg says:

    can’t figure out the code, have pliers and battery left

  3. Cam says:

    what do i do with the red and white bottle does any one know… also where is the blue key?

  4. Cam says:

    where r the pliers

  5. Herpes says:


  6. sue says:

    what happened under the lounger? clicked on the black lines and they were gone, yet no new item?!

  7. sue says:

    nevermind ! duh !

  8. Cam says:


  9. monte says:

    what do i do with the knife, i got everything else done

  10. monte says:

    forget it

  11. sue says:

    and the code worked 4u?

  12. monte says:

    nope. i needed to use the hint on the tv screen to get my code, but I eventually figured it out. mine was 1265

  13. ktkelley says:

    still can’t find pliers

  14. ktkelley says:

    anyone still here?

  15. White Wolf says:

    This is one of the games that code changes each time you play.


    Zoom out.
    Go Right One.

    Zoom out.
    Go Right One.

    Zoom out.
    Go to the scene with the chair.

    Go back to the door.

    Button Locations.

    Go back to the colored arrows

    Good luck

  16. daber says:

    Thanks white wolf!

  17. ktkelley says:

    finally got the Show

    but couldn’t Show

    so I just guessed every number.

  18. Anemic says:



  19. Anemic says:

    Not that it made a huge difference in this game, but has anyone noticed that many of Parallellove’s games have incredibly dark, low-contrast screens? I often have to cut-and-paste the image into an editor and double the gamma just to see anything.

    In this game, Show

    In some games, I haven’t been able to solve at all until I’ve done that repeatedly.

  20. juliette says:

    i’m must be stupid but i don’t understand how to find the numbers?
    and wich order the color?

  21. Toxic says:

    I’ve noticed it too Anemic…

  22. CaveGirl says:

    I’m also stuck on how to figure out the numbers from the colored arrows. I can do everything else, but I don’t know how to flip the arrows or anything. Help?

  23. David says:

    there is nothing under couch and I have clicked pot but nothing happens

  24. brin3m says:

    code is a big problem for me
    no matter how i turn the shapes i can’t get a code that works
    plus how do you know which color comes first

  25. dmq says:

    can’t figure out the code so i can’t get out.

  26. Kayla says:

    Ugh. I hate getting stuck.

  27. lml4eva119 says:

    Hey how come like everyime i get on these type of games i get the stupid busy right now try again later? LOL

  28. lml4eva119 says:

    anyone know what to do? i’ve tried getting on both links like 8 hundred time and i keep getting the same thing!! plz help!

  29. Reka says:

    For the code, Show

  30. k says:

    i think the code changes for everyone. i didn’t have the same code as monte or herpes. mine was Show

  31. debz says:

    how do i rotate the arrows
    tried everything
    cant get code so stuck

  32. White Wolf says:


    You don’t rotate the arrows. They show you how far to rotate the symbols shown on the screen. If you turn the ▐▀▌90 deg. it becomes the top of a 3 or turn it 360 deg. its the top of a 0, 9, 8 .. etc…

    Hope that clears it up.


  33. Azure says:

    For the rotation of shapes:


    Hope that makes it easier for those who are trying.

  34. goldie says:

    Ik stop er mee.

  35. Juli says:

    If you want the perfect end, it’s important to Show

  36. lml4eva119 says:

    I dunno how all u other people got on there but it wont let me on there! Worst game ever!!! LOL

  37. Jenn says:

    i did it! ok for the code i had to draw the shapes on paper then i had to actually turn the paper either 1/4. 1/2, or 3/4 depending on the arrows the screen showed. Then i had to draw what i ended up with on another piece of paper until i combined the shapes to make each number. I hope this helps.