Spinach Room Escape

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Spinach Room EscapeSpinach Room EscapeSpinach Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Potato Room Escape, Lotus Root Room Escape, Bell Pepper Room Escape, Chinese Cabbage Room Escape, Carrot Room Escape, Radish Room Escape, Onion Room Escape and many more.

You are trapped in an unknown room, and you will have to collect several handfuls of spinach today…

Have fun!

Spinach Room Escape walkthrough (thanks Fanny!)

By Eric

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31 Comments to Spinach Room Escape

  1. Natalie says:

    i’m first

  2. Natalie says:


  3. ktkelley says:

    First time posting! Ya! 2 keys (used) I’ve got red, yellow, and green tubes of paint. Scissors. paint brush. 5 spinach

  4. ktkelley says:

    ok scissors used and have last tube of paint- now what?

  5. ktkelley says:

    I’ve figured out how to put paint on my brush but I don’t know where to use it- Anyone else here?

  6. kayla says:

    i’m with you. just not sure Show

  7. Fanny says:

    missing one spinach

  8. Natalie says:

    i am out!very easy game

  9. Toxic says:

    Yay a ‘live’ game!
    Now lets see if I can finish it before Crool gets here ;-)

  10. Fanny says:


  11. ktkelley says:

    where did you come up with the code?

  12. k says:

    how did you figure that out fanny?

  13. Fanny says:

    nvm. out with perfect end

  14. Fanny says:

    Its about the paintings and the colours – look closely at the pictures once you used the paintbrush on them

  15. Fanny says:

    XD It tells me :Congratulations, you found all the potatoes

  16. ktkelley says:

    I can’t get my paintbrush to paint on anything

  17. Toxic says:

    Got Show

  18. Fanny says:









  19. Toxic says:

    Arrrgh! Show

  20. Toxic says:

    and again Show

    Out now, but didn’t enjoy this one as much as usual, seemed buggy to me :-(

  21. goldie says:

    I did it. Thnx All.

  22. Reka says:

    Gah, that stupid Show

    was a friggin’ pixel-hunt of the worst kind.

    I found all the potatoes, and now I can make boiled spinach with butter. There’s something wrong with this picture… :)

  23. DaRkMaN says:


  24. myrdlebp says:

    I got the red picture but the others seem to be a big pixel hunt for me, one that I’m really not in the mood for! Thanks Fanny!

  25. berriesjojo says:

    that is easy just find all the key do the painting, you will find the code.

  26. Fanny says:

    I think it’s a typical Parallellove-Game, with lots of items being next to or under a cabinet, sofa, desk etc. Since there’s never to many furniture in the room, there’s not much to look for. Rather simple, and always the same scheme.

  27. Toxic says:

    Xactly Fanny, it’s a similar pattern in all the games, but when I was clicking in the places I xpected things to be it wasn’t letting me get there (for a while at least) which is why I found this one frustrating…

  28. meh says:

    soo…. how do you get the paint on the pictures? i have it on the brush, it just wont let me paint….

  29. Toxic says:

    meh Show

  30. Stick Rambo says:

    how do you get blue paint?

  31. Steeple says:

    After you click the paint on the brush, you have to remember to click again on the brush before clicking on the canvases.