Wandering Willows

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Ready for a new adventure?

Welcome to Wandering Willows, a whimsical world full of wondrous wildlife and engaging quests.

With over 40 enchanting pets for you to befriend and train, you’re sure to find just the right help completing quests for the land’s amusing inhabitants, who range from gruff pirates to rocket ship commanders.

Garden, bake, and create clothing and bouquets with the treasures your pet fetches for you.

You might even find a new pet egg to hatch!

  • Spend some time in Wandering Willows today!
  • Over 40 different adorable pets to collect and train.
  • Over 150 quests to complete and 200 food recipes to collect.
  • Unique, fun and relaxed gameplay.
  • Beautiful hand drawn art and pleasant music.
  • Funny storyline and cute game characters.
  • Impressive length.
  • Customize your avatar with over 150 pieces of clothing that you make in game.
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By Eric

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5 Comments to Wandering Willows

  1. lizzy says:

    how are you supposed to get the ruby qhen you can’t get to the bottom of the tropics?

  2. Atenea says:

    You can open up the entire tropics, it just takes some time and some more tasks, primarily for Captain Whittaker.

  3. Bubbles says:

    I cant get to the bottom of the tropics. i have done all availibe quests except getting ruby for maddie. PLEASE HELP

  4. Brian S says:

    If you still are trying to get the ruby or if anyone else is having a problem with this, I didn’t have to go to the bottom. I got it from one of the pets on the level when u first enter the tropics! Just fyi

  5. with! says:

    you can get into that by completing the teleporter task from Captain Whittaker, and you must complete one more task(Cpt .Whittaker’s) once you completed some more tasks, for having a walkthrough from the rocket to the tomb island.