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PerspectitePerspectitePerspectite is a very short experimental game by Luke Brown.

“By using the arrow keys, you must guide your perspectite through a series of perspective based puzzles. Depth does not exist, and as such, moving the camera around the screen positions objects of different depths close to one another, allowing them to interact. Use this techinique to get your perspectite to reach the hidden exits to the level.”

Perspectite is very (VERY) short and won’t take you more than a couple of minutes to complete. The good news is that the author is currently working on more (and longer) levels. I’m looking forward for the next episode!

Have fun!

Perspectite walkthrough (thanks geez!)

By Eric

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23 Comments to Perspectite

  1. Chris says:

    Great game, but yes a little small! Cant wait for next :D

  2. Unowninator says:

    How do I beat the 2nd level?

  3. Unowninator says:

    Never mind. (Man, this site REALLY needs the ability to delete your own posts).

  4. Andrew says:


  5. Goliath says:

    very funny ^^
    but too short :(

  6. Lesterly says:

    Sweet game! Can’t wait for the next parts :)

  7. Lauren says:

    All I can do is go up, down, left, right and going off screen only puts me back to where I started. How do I go forward?

  8. geez says:



  9. geez says:



  10. Irid says:

    I can’t get the critter Show

  11. Fanny says:

    Yep, Irid: Place it in the gear at the very left of the wire.

  12. MiMi says:

    I love this game!!! I was really sad when I finished the last level and didn’t even realize it =[

  13. stupefyin says:

    Sweet, after about 5 tries I figured out the first one and the rest were sort of simple! Can’t wait for the rest of the levels.

  14. babyclicker says:

    can someone tell me what to do lol all i can do is move my screen thats it = /

  15. babyclicker says:

    nvm i got it damn thats confusing lol

  16. Toxic says:

    Completed it, but it kinda freaked me out! ;-)

  17. MooMoe says:

    that was incredibly short and easy.

  18. Sean4 says:

    that was dumb!!

  19. Emma says:

    i managed to finish the first level with the help of the walkthrough but i don’t understand Show

  20. so-confused says:

    i dont even know what to do.. that brown blob just sits there blinking nd i dont get what those arrows mean!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!

  21. Rabbit says:

    [Lol @ so-confused no idea either……. suggestion, look at a walkthrough?

  22. Rabbit says:

    o wow that was……. 5 min of my life i wil never get back :L