Pop Pirates

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Pop PiratesPop PiratesPop Pirates is an arcade scrolling shooter created by Bloc games for Diesel and their ProtoKid website. The pop pirates have hacked into the Protokid servers and are stealing all your music. You will be digitized as a protokid anti-virus software (yes!) in order to clean up the system from all viruses and get your music files as you go.

Use the mouse to control your protokid and press the left button to fire. Shoot at every computer virus and try to collect music files they left as fast as you can to score maximum points. You will start the game with a simple blue ray gun, but you should quickly be able to upgrade your protokid gun with more powerful weapons such as killer-watt, mega-bite and fire-wall, each of them coming with different levels of power.

After some practice, you should end with a nice and sweet really powerful arsenal, all weapons firing simultaneously: this is where the game becomes to be really addictive. Don’t forget defensive power-ups such as anti-virus and magnetron, and try to catch every extra-life.

Each level comes with around twenty different waves of randomized virus, coming from any border of the screen; defeat the boss at the end of each level to go the next stage.

Pop Pirates is so far the best release from Bloc games. The game has very nice graphics and animations, a good soundtrack and is quite addictive.

Difficulty is correctly managed, and enemies hit points, speed and fire power increase throughout the game. Having said that, once your protokid is fully loaded with mega-bite x 8 and fire-wall x 6, the fun really begins and you should consider next time to register yourself in order to let your name in the Hall of Fame!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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