Il Destino R

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Il Destino RIl Destino RIl Destino R was released at the beginning of this week by IDAC, the Japanese creators of Il Destino and The Bar, two famous Room Escape games available on gotgame website.Il Destino R is a brand new remake of Il Destino, sharing exactly the same scenario.

Several years ago, your father, a famous and popular cars designer, has built a car and sold it to one of his Italian friends. The car was based on one of your childhood drawings.

Coming back from Italy, you father gave you the key of his used cars showroom, where “the car” is back, just waiting for you. The game begins in the showroom, and you will have to figure out how to use the different items you’ll find there, in order to get out.

Il Destino R takes place in the same show room used for Il Destino: story and visuals are identical in both games, but objects have moved around, and puzzles are quite different and probably trickier, not to mention the new color of the car. Just use your mouse to point and click on items: sometimes, they need to be used together, you’ll have to try different combinations.

With a very high level of visuals and graphics, Il Destino R and Il Destono are two short but excellent Room Escape games.

Play Il Destino R or play Il Destino.

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129 Comments to Il Destino R

  1. Julie says:

    i hate that game zuno

    it wont restart the level, it only restart the game

  2. Shannon says:

    i cant type the 3 letter word in the safe. what’s up?

  3. michelle says:

    for the safe under the clock the code is 9844 click on where the 4 0’s are, and click on enter and then take the gold key insert click on the safe,and it should open take the car key, click on where the key was, and click on red phone. if u don’t understand what i just said. feel free to write your comment

  4. Marshmellow.on.a.stick says:

    I still can’t get the shapes on the floor. The lights are off but they just don’t appear… is it supposed to be on the wall or the floor?

  5. luna says:

    you just have to be patient and thorough. it’s cool when you beat it though

  6. SimplySummer says:

    The word is Show

  7. Hailey says:

    sorry, this isnt about the game but it is about the room escape games. I just wasnt sure where to post this. Are the games in their 3 pages of favorite room escape games really the best ones or are they all about the same?

  8. Eric says:

    @ Hailey – Yes they are, at least it’s my opinion ;-)

  9. 24 says:

    Okay .. I got the so called code for the toolbox .. they’re number not letters!!!!!! what the hell???

    • Rek says:

      The toolbox is based on a number code, but the safe is a letter code (I think). Hope that helps!!!

  10. Gabriel says:

    I completed the whole level but now I’m stuck with the gold key in the key hole! i click it everywhere( ive been doing for almost 15 minutes) but it wont do anything! help please! i am playing the red car one.

  11. LilMissAmbitious says:


    how can I get the code for the safe?

    Do I have to open a new browser and open the site “”?

    or do you mean IN THE GAME?

    I just dont get it..

    can someone just tell the walkthrough-part for the safe especially?

  12. Emily says:

    I give up…tried to click for a couple of minutes first on the flash light then on the wall upstairs close to the cabinet, nothing happens…

  13. Joker.... says:

    My code starts from TeeS***….i tried ‘hot’ in place of ***. But it says DENIED.
    What’s that webpage?? I am trying to open it by clicking on the circled area of the magazine, but its not opening.

    Please tell me the last three letters??

  14. nana says:

    I have TeeS*** please help me!

  15. alyssa says:

    for destino 2 i have GooPa*** what are the last letters

  16. Melissa says:

    When you get the three letters to complete the password only type in the THREE LETTERS. That means for GooB***.com the password is ike so only type in IKE not the whole That should help. Read the other comments for the three letters if you got something different.

    So far these are some of the 3 letters



    If you get Goo-*** the password is net so only type that in and not Goo-Net.


  17. Eric says:

    only type in last 3 letters not whole code

  18. cranston says:

    umm the pass word is -ool… because 1 of the websites is veeschool

  19. CAsioanleo88 says:

    I need help what is the tool box code and what is the blacklight for?

  20. CAsioanleo88 says:

    and what does the symbol on the ground mean?

  21. carlos says:

    I need pass word of Tees*** anypeople can help me please

    • blackrose says:

      GUYS for those wif e Tees***, u gonna enter hot. worked for me! LOLS.
      stupid advertising tactic. =.=

  22. sharon says:

    the pass word for TeeS is HOT please use caps

  23. Seymour asses (not a joke, i legally ch my name) says:

    I’ve got POPS***net. what the hell does this mean?