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GemSmithGemSmithGemSmith is a puzzle game released in July 2005 by the Estonian developer Tonypa.

GemSmith includes in fact two different games, Ruby and Diamond, both featuring… gems, in a no time limit challenge!

The object of Ruby is to place with your mouse some colored gems (6 different colors) on a hexagonal playfield such that there is never more than one gem of the same color in any continuous row. If you can’t place a remaining gem anywhere on the playfield, try to swap it with another one already placed before.

In the second game, Diamond, you goal is to rotate different gems already placed on a playfield and connect them together such that it doesn’t remain any unused connector. Click a gem to rotate it clockwise and hold down a shift key while clicking to rotate the gem counterclockwise.

Each game features 5 different levels. You start a game with a capital of 100 points, and it decreases by one point for each click. 100 points are added to your total each time you complete a level. Both games end after completing the 5th level, or when there are no more points available.

Diamond is much more fun to play than Ruby, probably because the first one is much easier than the second one! Do you want to challenge your neurons for 10 to 20 minutes with GemSmith? Have fun!

By Eric

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