EggRun 2

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EggRun2 On GrassEggRun2 on GrassEggRun was a popular Flash game two years ago. Created by the UK based advergaming and content developer Playerthree, EggRun is back today in a brand new series of three games, EggRun 2 on Grass, EggRun 2 on Ice and EggRun 2 in Space.

The concept implemented in EggRun 2 is strictly identical to the original one: just grab the twig with your egg and then head for the ladder that slides down! To do so, click the egg with your mouse and hold down your left button to aim: the longer the green dotted line, the higher/farther your egg jumps. Release the left button to launch your egg through the air!

The different new EggRun 2 games are as simple as the originals, but feature many more levels (18 in each one). The graphics and the size of each level were also improved, and if you find the music a bit repetitive after a while, don’t worry: just use the mute button to turn it off.

Not the best game ever, but a nice pick for a 10 minute break. Oh, and don’t ask me why the egg doesn’t crack when it falls: it remains a mystery to me! Have fun!

EggRun2 On Ice EggRun 2 on Ice EggRun2 In Space EggRun 2 in Space

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