Out 2: Out of File

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Out2: Out of FileOut2: Out of FileOut 2: Out of File is the sequel to Out: File#01 launched last June by Isomura Kai of Tonakai Interactive. Released earlier this month in Japanese, this Room Escape game is now available in English.

The story starts just after the end of the first episode in front of a locked door leading to an underground high-tech control room full of computers. Once again, you will risk your life trying to escape this place. Luckily, the author implemented a helpful function to restart the game from the previous location instead of starting from scratch like in the original game.

And once again, you will have to play with music. The challenge here is a bit less difficult than in the first episode, and the result is a more enjoyable experience than in Out: File#01, even if only around one gamer out of ten is able to escape, according to the site’s statistics! Are you ready for a new experience?

Have fun!

Download size: 4 MB.

By Eric

current rating 3.33


43 Comments to Out 2: Out of File

  1. Eric says:

    Out2: Out of File walkthrough



















  2. my butt says:

    please note that giants has 6 letters

  3. Eric says:

    @ my butt – Oops! Walkthrough updated!

  4. sharon says:

    i pressed the rocket too soon, lol, stupid or wot, lmao

  5. bobt says:

    i cant get the pen thing i tryed getting the rock to the corner and put rope to it then i removed the rock and held the corner and rope on the pen and nothing happerns

  6. Celest says:

    I blew myself up in the elevator on accident and then I shot the rocket too soon on the way up. Lol.

  7. Sweet_kitty22 says:

    you gotta lower the L all the way and move it till the pen sticks to it.

  8. Dani says:

    where are the blue key ?

  9. Icka says:

    The power system has four icons, from left to rigth:
    30%, 20%, 20%, 40%, 80%

    What’s that 60% icon people are talking about?

  10. Nicole says:

    I cant see a green square at all, is it the game or am i making a big mistake… I killed myself 7 times.

  11. matt says:

    great walkthrough, i got through it on my first try. i tried in once without the guide and couldnt figure out the BPGO puzzle. much thanks

  12. Andy says:

    What Icka said, the walkthrough has different power manager percentages than the actual game. I followed the walkthrough and cannot get the gear icon to activate in the power manager. I input the musical code downstairs and then pulled the lever on the machine, went upstairs and turned off all of the power icons except the main power (20%) but I still can’t turn the gear icon on (80%).

  13. Andy says:

    Nevermind, I didn’t see that their were actually two separate machines downstairs. But how the hell were you supposed to figure out the notes for the musical code? The simple keyboard doesn’t have the notes marked on it.

  14. Cale says:

    Andy: All modern piano keyboards are the same. You could look that sort of thing up on Wikipedia if you don’t know how it goes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musical_keyboard

  15. frknchingon says:

    if it wasnt for the walk through I wouldnt have gotten past the piano, I just skipped it and started plugging in codes on the computer

  16. Johno says:

    Is there a third game in this series? Somebody in another blog said that there was, but I can’t find it.

  17. eaglesfan says:

    how do you combine items?

  18. Euphoria says:

    When it says that im supposed to click the far right computer (10.) and turn off the elevator (40%), then the light (40%), but the lights are only 30%! not 40%! so i cant turn on the gear. the gear is 80% something, and it has always been 80%…… what to do?

  19. HildaPossible says:

    Phew the rings are driving me crazy lol.

    Btw, to combine things you just have to show one of the items that you want to be combined on the screen by clicking item info, and then drag the second item towards it.

  20. Euphoria says:

    Can someone please answer me? im stuck at the same place after tryin 10 times!

  21. MAYELA says:

    Hilda, I’m not able to switch the 80% on, and I did everything the walkthrough saids.

    I think it can´t complete the 100% just 90% and that´s why I can’t turn it on, but why this says 80%????

    Please answer!!!!

  22. Foxtrot7 says:

    I need help with the piano… I can’t get the code… HELP ! thanks in advance

  23. Brad says:

    The pink CD is NOT useless if you don’t know musical scores but know how to install software

  24. Foxtrot7 says:

    So the Pink CD is not useless? I put the cd in the cd reader, then I hit install .exe or something like that and the screen displays installing .exe ….. what then ? what about the piano ? I mean, do I have to install the score something in order to set the piano password ? thanks ;)

  25. Monk says:

    I didn’t get anywhere with the Pink CD either, but that would be great if it’s an alternative to figuring out the piano password. I didn’t have the desire or the patience to figure out the musical score. I’ll leave that to the musicians. :)

  26. Dal Gurak says:

    That was the best escape-the-room game finale I’ve ever seen. Unlock the last door? Pssh! Gimme that rocket launcher!

  27. matt says:


  28. Ciao says:

    I have set the lock-on……… shot at -100m but i missed the target every!!!!


  29. yon says:

    the program from the pink cd creats a file with the notes of the music if you run it while you play the music

  30. Cynthia says:

    i can’t seem to find the green box that is supposed to be under the 2nd gear! i need help, please.

  31. cool guy says:

    they updated it

  32. Xx.LEAVE.me.ALONE.xX says:

    This is hard, where is the green box? Whats up with the music thing, how does it help, i am stuch, and stupid Lol.

  33. Old Witch says:

    finally, number 55,893 escapee, 6 tries

    Old Witch

  34. Christie says:

    i can’t put the card down.

  35. Midge says:

    I can’t seem to get the left locker opened….what am I doing wrong?

  36. somebody knows says:

    please eric can you tell me a proper walkthrough

  37. Loyst says:

    This was a good game. And i used the pink cd for the password. It was cool game.

  38. Sol says:

    Wow. Well-designed game! And its especially nice that it’s embedded in a story.
    And yes, the fact that they put some thought into making an ending/cliffhanger makes having solved the game more satisfying than other escape-the-room games that finish when the door has been opened although they’ve still not answered the questions from the beginning, i. e. “Where am I and how did I get here?”.
    And thanks for the walkthrough – I don’t know how I should have solved the “password hint on the paper” affair otherwise … that was simply asking too much of the player.

  39. syko says:

    omg i finally passed it 1:49:47….woohooo

  40. usman says:

    eric give me a video walkthrough please

  41. usman says:

    how do i get the stylus

  42. susana says:

    really good game ! not too much hard, not too much easy… simply good !

  43. triyann says:

    pink cd not useless

    use pink CD before blue cd – click install.exe on screen
    a record software is now running

    eject pink cd, use blue cd – play music code
    a new file appear on screen which contain the score of musical code