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BuscandoBuscando is a new Room Escape game from Ikko, the author of Un Gato y Tabla,  Un Cuarto Insipido and El Cuarto de la Naranja. You find yourself trapped in an unknown room, and… the door is unlocked! But obviously, there is someone who doesn’t want to let you get out of here! Have fun!

Note: temporary alternative link!

By Eric

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25 Comments to Buscando

  1. Em says:

    hmmm, need a 4-digit code…

  2. ag says:

    yeah still haven’t figured out note

  3. dawn says:

    turn note upside down you get 4 numbers

  4. dawn says:

    now stuck

  5. SoDeF says:

    hello! me not so quick. how do you get the note, pls?

  6. Em says:

    thanks dawn!Also stuck now,cant open the “bag”

  7. dawn says:

    think will have to try again later

  8. ag says:


  9. SoDeF says:

    thx ag, found it!

  10. Mila says:


  11. Mila says:

    I got 404 error??

  12. Notthatclever says:

    BANG … have to try again, hopefully wont get shot this time. Show

  13. Mila says:

    The guy Show

    Stuck and you have to start over. I’ll try again later. Of to bed now.

  14. Notthatclever says:

    Found a Show

  15. Notthatclever says:

    END Show

  16. Lyxmorsan says:










  17. Lyxmorsan says:

    Actually, you only need to click Show

    Excuse my poor english, its far to late to think straight…

  18. Reka says:

    So what’s the point of the Show

  19. Ann says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Lyxmorsan, I really needed your help…..lol
    What a very odd game!

  20. Lyxmorsan says:

    @ Reka: I think it is to make you Show

    . But I was kind of late finding the inscription, I already had cut at the right place…