Perpetual Motion

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Perpetual MotionIn Perpetual Motion, a physics-based puzzle game created by GeekGlue, your goal is to create machines that runs throughout the countdown to complete each level. The exclamation marks help you by showing you where to build your machine in order to complete the level target. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.67


15 Comments to Perpetual Motion

  1. jeep says:


    It took me forever to find out how to just start a game. For that alone I rate it zero!

  2. Reka says:

    The instructions are… less than useful. They say that to remove an item, you should use the right-click menu, but the right-click menu just says the usual “Settings” and “About Adobe Flash player”.

    They need more tutorial-type levels. I can’t even get past the third one. It doesn’t help that the results screen doesn’t even always show up. Dunno if that’s a bug, or if I just didn’t reach some threshold point level below which they don’t bother. Problem is, there’s no way to know your points unless it deigns to show you the results screen.

    In short, this game needs a lot more work, specifically user-testing.

  3. Spookje says:

    I got to level 6 (Singapore, Singapore), but I can’t figure out how to get more then 230 points there (300 needed). Suggestions anyone?

    Indeed a strange and somewhat ‘unfinished’ game. Could probably be much better with a few relatively minor adjustments…

  4. Quazy says:

    Good idea and I like how he executed the game, but the scoring is just too inconsistent and the hints don’t actually give you any hints to the solution. It seems like you have to come up with a completely new design on every level because after you use one design, the next time you use it you get half as many points for it.

  5. NTICompass says:


    1. How does the scoring work?
    2. Why complex? I can beat the 1st 4 levels with 2 parts (but that isn’t enough points).
    3. Hints don’t help. I beat a level nowhere near the “hint”.

    How do I beat level 4?

  6. beany says:

    this game is harsh!

  7. Taucat says:

    Good game but can not get past Zanzibar . I tried loads of different arrangments to no avail. Shame coz its a great game………

  8. Kervador says:

    Just finished the game, some levels are really easier than others. I like this game !!

  9. awesomeaustin223 says:

    how do u open hints?

  10. Lewis says:

    You can’t open hints, they are a “guide” as to where you should put a piece of equipment.

  11. Kara says:

    This is a very bad game. Sort of dumb that you need to hit all of the props they give you when you can finish it using just two of them.
    I don’t exactly like it that it has to be continuous- I’d rather it would be you had to get it to a certain point/goal.

  12. Box Jockey says:

    Lame, even if you complete the time using all the parts you may not get the bonus. The props have to be hit in the correct order. Seems pretty rigid and helps destroy any creativity on the users part.

  13. Kyle says:

    I figured out how to beat level four

  14. Kyle says:

    i’ve made it all the way up to the level six but then I get confused because after about the third bounce on the stick you have to use the ball ball falls straight through ????????????????????