Telephone Booth Escape

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Telephone Booth EscapeTelephone Booth EscapeTake a game like Escape the Phone Booth, combine it with a game like Railway to Heaven and you get Telephone Booth Escape, the third Room Escape game sponsored by 123Bee!

“You are caught in a public telephone booth, with a ‘runaway’ crane coming towards it at high speed. You have to make use of the clues given here and escape from the booth in a minute’s time.”

If you don’t like timed Escape games, I wouldn’t recommend this one. But if you like them…

Have fun!

Update: Telephone Booth Escape walkthrough in comment # 8 (thanks SuzieGirl64 – and Julia).

By Eric

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18 Comments to Telephone Booth Escape

  1. mammy says:

    Grrrrrrrrrr…i hate this game…i died…

  2. ROSITA says:

    lets do dis!!! lol

  3. Jayu says:

    awww i died!

  4. Jayu says:

    So far, I have…

  5. Julia says:


  6. Julia says:

    OK, here’s a walkthrough:

  7. SuzieGirl64 says:

    I don’t know how many times I did this game and got crushed before I found all the stuff! But eventually here’s how to escape! Be quick though!


  8. FD says:

    Game sucks. No amount of clicking gets the yellow panel off after cutting.

  9. SuzieGirl64 says:


    you missed something from your walkthrough hun:

  10. SuzieGirl64 says:


  11. darkman says:

    ok im starting now

    where are you Lala :(

  12. darkman says:

    im out

    really easy game :)


  13. Julia says:

    @ SuzieGirl64:
    I just realized that! Guess I was just so exited over writing my first WT… =)
    Sorry eveybody!

  14. Sol says:

    “If you don’t like timed escape games …” – well, don’t love them, but usually, there’s enough time to solve them after a few tries. This one is really annoyingly short-timed!

  15. This game gets an epic fail because pixel-hunting for where to peel off the phone-thing sucks.

  16. SharpShooter says:

    I did it! :D

  17. Nat says:

    talk about your movie show endings 1 second to go! i was lucky! im doing it again and see if i can improve