Railway to Heaven

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Railway to HeavenRailway to Heaven is a short Room Escape game, or I should say a Cage Escape game! The cage is on a railway track, a train is coming and you are in the cage! So I strongly suggest that you find a way to get out of here Pronto! You have 90 seconds to do this: have fun!

Railway to Heaven walkthrough!

By Eric

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132 Comments to Railway to Heaven

  1. jsin says:

    you are the *** man… !!!!MAN!!!! you have no idea how long i was on that god dam game thank you so much you saved me from breakin my computer!!!!!
    i hate that game
    i love you

  2. lil sammy says:

    haha y waste ur time??

  3. austin says:

    i did not find out how to bust out the w/t is to difacalt but thanks for trying

  4. Jay chia says:

    yes!busted out!!!thxz fer the walkthrough!!!

  5. Bullet Toothed Tony says:

    hints for removing the brown pieces with the nail.


  6. james says:

    to light the match you Show

    hope this helps

  7. star says:

    thanks kazza i never would have busted out if it was not for your walkthrough because i tried it over 150 times but when i read your walkthrough it got me out on the 1st try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bob says:

    I DONT SEE A WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dan says:

    did it- you da man eric!

  10. Jarod says:

    Ok I clicked the metal chain at the end and I still got creamed.

  11. omgah this took me forever i kept forgettin the other brown thing grr lol.. and i almost got ran over again lol

  12. Becki says:

    Help me i dont no how to do it can some one write down the walkthrough pleaser thank you :)

  13. habenarohotsauceeater says:

    Walk through anyone? Anyone?

  14. thnx eric!!! says:

    wow that was soo hard it could have took me hours but thanks eric u really helped me n my brother!!!!

  15. Jo says:

    Thanks alot Eric i got through it YAY!!

  16. Amy says:

    Lol im so confused.
    I’ve got 2 matches and the green tube.

  17. noname says:

    I can’t light the match

  18. DNOMN8R says:

    OMG I am so stupid. (See post 100.) I had the screen to low to see the “start game” button. But now I’ve busted out!

  19. j says:

    uhhh question……..
    why is it that all i see is the train still going…

  20. Rohan says:

    thanx for the walkthrough

  21. DNOMN8R says:


  22. tdifreak says:

    i don’t see 1 ethier!!!!!

  23. tdifreak says:

    I died twice!!!! I DON”T GET THIS *** GAME!!!!!!!!!! the walkthough still helps eric

  24. tdifreak says:

    OMG!!! I DIED!!!! AGAIN!

  25. tdifreak says:

    I’m done with this *** game!!!!

  26. EMJ says:

    This is impossible i can’t do it lol

  27. pooey says:

    yessssss i did it all by myself yayyyyyyyyyyy

  28. kbob says:

    cheers 4 that iv been tryin to figure it out 4 ages lol thanks xx

  29. ryan says:

    how long do u have to wait to start??

  30. helpful says: