Chicken Grow

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Chicken GrowChicken Grow is the latest Point’n’Click puzzle game released by Bart Bonte. Your goal is to feed your chicken with water and grains, as explained in the video. Use your Grain-o-grow Complicated Deluxe feeding machine, fill the bowl with water and voila! Have fun!

By Eric

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14 Comments to Chicken Grow

  1. bert says:

    The Grain Problem is one of the hardest arrangements of the Klotski puzzle. If you get completely stuck you can checkout the solution here.

  2. fairmon says:

    Thanks SO MUCH bert!

  3. SteelersFan says:



  4. SteelersFan says:

    On the message that i just left, that was originally a diagram of the water system. It was a really cool detailed diagram too…………….sooooooooo……………….yaaaaaaaa………IM NOT A NERD! TRUST ME!!

  5. hannaaah says:


  6. SoccerChik177 says:

    HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP this is way to hard how do u feed them the grain???????????????????????

  7. tu madre says:

    the grain part is sooo hard
    taking me forEVER to figure out!

  8. mino says:

    there are three different endings

  9. Armingo says:

    Really good game! onto the Bonte Rooms :D

  10. jake says:

    yayyyyyyyy did it

  11. dana says:

    walkthrought for water part??

  12. lil.sprocket says:

    The Grain bit is well hard how can people do it lol

  13. Hey i need help says:

    Anyone Know how to to the water puzzle bit?! plz help