Shimaka Raderu

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Shimaka RaderuShimaka RaderuShimaka Raderu is a new Japanese Room Escape game from Nifty, all written in Japanese. The action takes place on an island and your goal here is to figure out how to leave the island.

Press the left button to start the game.

Shimaka Raderu is aimed for a young audience, so the language barrier is not really a problem.

There are two different endings to this game.

Have fun!

Update: Shimaka Raderu walkthrough in comments #25 and #27 (thanks J!)

By Eric

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29 Comments to Shimaka Raderu

  1. Em says:

    now i´m stuck…

  2. Em says:

    No, boring game…not logical at all…

  3. monte says:

    I got knife, blue scraps of something, radio, which has been fixed in the back, book, bottled, filled with water, rope – used, stick and i think a rock. what else should i do

  4. FD says:

    What you should do is list where you got all that crap!

  5. monte says:


    just click around and there are little arrows that will allow you to go to another room. things are right infront of you to pick up. just run backwards when you get to the snake…

  6. monte says:

    anyone figured out the cave yet?

  7. FD says:

    I got out without the cave. Assemble the “power source” for the radio and call for help.

  8. monte says:

    do you mean the switch on the back. please help

  9. Alexa Karuda says:

    Actually, the game is quite logical, compared to most room escape games.

    Here’s a hint: Show

    If that doesn’t help, then: Show

  10. Alexa Karuda says:

    The radio is a two-part problem:


    Also: What looks to be ‘rags’ is actually tin scraps from the roof of the shed.

    General translation from book: You need a piece of tin, a piece of copper, and some sort of electricity-transmitting liquid to go between them. This can be used to make a battery/power source.

    The rest of the book should be self-explanatory from the pictures.

  11. pearson says:

    another way

  12. Alexa Karuda says:

    I’ve only found one ending, but I’ve found two ways to get there….Maybe there’s another ending?

  13. Em says:

    how do I sail the boat, I have fix it…

  14. monte says:

    what green thing?

  15. J says:

    The ending depends on where you are when you use the radio. If you’re Show

    I have no idea whether one is considered a better ending than the other.

    To sail the boat, you need Show

  16. malina says:

    how do you get watter helpppppppppppp

  17. malina says:

    is anyone here

  18. mammy says:

    Nice litle game…I am out…

  19. malina says:

    can you tell how did you get out of this

  20. mammy says:

    just fil the bottle with wather in the sea..

  21. monte says:

    i am so confused. i have almost everything but cant put the boat sail on and cant go up to the cave and go in

  22. Em says:

    tried to get the knife sharp with every item I have, but I dont´make it… How to do it?

  23. Perito33 says:

    How can make the battery???? please help

  24. J says:

    Here’s a walkthrough. I think I covered most of the possibilities, but I can’t read anything, so I may easily have missed something.












    For the “land rescue” ending Show

    For the “sea rescue” ending Show

    There are also Show

  25. Perito33 says:


  26. J says:

    Ooh! If you get the Show

  27. meh says:

    the rock at the very begining isnt a rock, i think it might be your parachute or something? something made out of canvas, not rock.

  28. sue says: