Ringmania 2

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Ringmania 2Ringmania 2Ringmania 2 is a puzzle / skill game designed by Jean Philippe Sarda aka JP, the French game developer behind Pepere.org. In this game, you control with your mouse a set of black bubbles (magnets) and brown bumpers, connected together by invisible links.

Each level comes with a different set, including some colored rings connected to the black bubbles. When new rings appear during the game, the black bubbles attract them while they bounce on brown bumpers. Floating rings get stuck on black bubbles or on rings already stuck on black bubbles.

The goal of the game is to clear the playfield of all rings by connecting three or more rings of the same color to make them explode.

To add pressure, left and right borders of the playfield get closer each time a ring leave the screen: you must clear each of the 22 stages before you can’t move your set of bubbles.

With a very good physics implementation and a sweet background music, Ringmania 2 becomes quickly addictive.

Having said that, don’t start playing with Ringmania 2 if you just want to relax for a few minute break. But if you are prepared to spend hours playing with rings and magnets, this is the one.

Have fun!

By Eric

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