Agent Scarecrow 2: Aggressive Shopping

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Agent Scarecrow 2: Aggressive ShoppingAgent ScarecrowAgent Scarecrow – Chapter 2, Aggressive Shopping is the next installment in the Agent Scarecrow series created by the folks behind JohnnyB Design.

“Mike is your average 20-year old guy. One day, Mike is mistaken for a secret agent and gets involved in a wild adventure featuring crazy chases, puzzles and death… Along the storyline, Mike gets to travel around the World… with little time to make friends.

In Agent Scarecrow, you play the part of the hero and your decisions will dictate the course of the story. In Agent Scarecrow, different players will experience different game developments depending on the path they follow.

The game classifies as an Action-Adventure (Actionventure) game, with puzzles and point-and-click elements and action/fight scenes”.

Mike is now on his way to meet with Kat or Jim, firmly decided to investigate the disappearance of his friend Peter and shed lights onto the whole Scarecrow thing…

Have fun!

Warning: PG 13. You may find some content offensive.

By Eric

current rating 3.50


48 Comments to Agent Scarecrow 2: Aggressive Shopping

  1. Mona says:

    what is that????

  2. Eric says:

    Kat’s phone number Show

    Jim’s phone number Show

  3. Mona says:

    how did you figure that out?

  4. Eric says:

    Play the first episode

  5. Kari says:

    stuck in the dressing room (?) with a flashlight and a hanger :(

  6. Kari says:

    nevermind, got a little key by Show

    and then Show

    now stuck on the minigame =_=

  7. Louise says:

    I’m stuck in the phone booth and have tried anything with 4 figures… :-(

  8. Louise says:

    Oh sorry, i’ve just understood i had to play chapter I first

  9. Fallen says:

    Stuck on mini game keep getting 800is score. grrrr so hard lol

  10. jennine says:

    stick in the white room need a screwdriver help

  11. wendydarling says:

    that mini game sucks!

  12. rox says:

    cant even use the srewdriver…. suxs

  13. fay says:

    my highest so far is 841!!!!!!!!! why the heck did they make this game so frickin hard??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. fay says:

    **** this!!!! i got to 1121!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. fay says:


  16. Fallen says:

    Have to be patient and careful with the mini game, it is achievable though. Took me like 15 tries, but I got it lol

  17. Stupid mini-game! says:

    Stupid mini-game! I got 1198. Damn it. I only needed 2 points!!!

  18. Stupid mini-game! says:

    I got it!!! 1223!!! Finally!

  19. JMM says:

    I got 1300 in the minigame

  20. inHeaven says:

    how do u use the screwdriver on the ventshaft ? drg it over the screws didnt work ?

  21. inHeaven says:

    lol got it
    you have to Show

  22. inHeaven says:

    ok the minigame is not really easy :( similar to gta:sa´s dancing game but there i got some nice moves out of it :)

  23. mark says:

    i just did it 2 times

  24. DANA says:


  25. e says:

    the minigame is so easy i beat it in one try

  26. Rae says:

    I can’t solve this because of the stupid DDR like minigame I suck so bad at things like this..Oh well

  27. e says:

    the minigame was soooo easy i beat it in one try

  28. izzy says:

    this is supposed to be a point n click game. i hate it when they put in those stupid minigames that keep you from continuing the game if you dont reach a certain score. thats so mean! and it doesnt have anything to do with point n clickery, so what the…!!!

  29. carly says:

    what makes me mad is they waste your time trying to get 900 point for a stupid mini game and then at the end they tell you to wait for the agent scarecrow 3

  30. rease says:

    im stuck in a room and i put the tashbins in front of the door , now what?

  31. Andrea says:

    i am stuck in the white room. what should i do? show me a picture

  32. Lanta says:

    Is there some sort of cheat you can use to get past that mini game?

  33. Lanta says:

    The highest i have got is 735!!!!

  34. Lanta says:

    I did it!!! i got 946!!! Im well proud!!!

  35. mandy says:

    how do you use the screwdriver on the vent

  36. Deezy says:

    wow i could not believe the mini game. it kindof made me a lil mad but made it with 921 something like that. anyways, it was too short.

  37. mini games was simple.first try says:

    i only got 983 and i still passed it. what are you guys mumbling about?

  38. Anna says:


  39. dead beat says:

    hah, 1195… i’m usually pretty good at this stuff but if have a keyboard with chunky mechanics so… yeah…

  40. gemma says:

    ive just started the game and i dont have a clue who to phone theres no number help me!!

  41. peachie_twist says:

    i cant beat this dang car game

  42. adam says:

    i just got 899 cmon i mean 1 point off it isnt fair

  43. adam says:

    i did it igot 1100 on the stupid car game :D :D :D :D :D :D

  44. jc says:

    the mini game was so easy. Got 1350 the first dry, maybe it’s because I’m so used to games like that

  45. lag sucks says:

    screw lag the car minigames sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i could beat it in 1 try but lags ust got to **** it up

  46. brie says:

    kaay people, we get that the minigame sucks now answer other peoles questions, where the heck do i find the screwdriver for the vent?

  47. No name says:

    huh!! The minigame sux!! i could score only ill 821….suck it!!