Escape from the Same Rooms

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Escape from the Same RoomsEscape from the Same Rooms is the latest Japanese Room Escape game created by Tesshi-e, the author of Escape from the Balloon Room, Escape to the Ground, Escape from the Forest of the Fairy and more. Two, three, 4 identical rooms, and only one way to escape! Have fun!

By Eric

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23 Comments to Escape from the Same Rooms

  1. Steve says:

    First… anyone else playing

  2. pOlo says:

    i visited 3 rooms so far.
    got 2 keys, 2 bottles (blue and red liqud inside)
    and a card with lettters
    and noodle box

  3. pOlo says:

    combination for letter code box:

  4. pOlo says:

    sorry was wrong. its Show

  5. Steve says:

    where was the second key

  6. Steve says:

    I’ve managed about the same

  7. Steve says:

    never mind I found it

  8. pOlo says:

    also have:

    green yellow card
    green(or yellow??) ball
    red ball
    white ball

  9. pOlo says:

    now i get the green ball

  10. pOlo says:

    colored the white ball into violett with the bottle liquid

  11. pOlo says:

    OUT! whohoo….

  12. Steve says:

    Just after you

  13. tihana says:

    omg i have got to draw down the rooms
    its so confusing

  14. J says:

    Here’s a description that should help you get out. I’m not calling it a walkthrough because I didn’t give any actual navigation instructions (no “turn right, open the door”); it might help to draw yourself a quick map as I did.

    Room 1: Show

    Room 2: Show

    Room 4: Show

    Room 3: Show

  15. tihana says:

    where di you find the white ball

  16. tihana says:

    found it!
    and done…

  17. shaz says:

    totally stuck stuck with changing white ball to violet

  18. shaz says:

    its ok i sussed it ,just cant figure order of balls

  19. shaz says:

    had to use other site for order im out

  20. J says:

    @shaz: There are three clues around the place that give the order of the balls. Show



    Putting them all together, you get Show

  21. J says:

    Has anyone figured out the “right” clue for the two-letter combo? A clue which forces you to resort to trial-and-error bugs me. I noticed that the clue is Show

    What am I missing?

  22. bordchik says:

    For figuring out the right clue

  23. J says:

    Thanks, bordchik. The “U” was throwing me off, because I write it asymmetrically even in uppercase.