Escape Tidying Game

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Escape Tidying GameEscape Tidying Game (Google translation) is the latest Room Escape game created by the author of Reader’s Escape and Game Blocks Escape. You are trapped in a Room in which you can move almost any item, and your goal seems to collect a lot of balls/orange dots or whatever it is. Have fun!

Update: Escape Tidying Game walkthrough in comment  #22 (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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34 Comments to Escape Tidying Game

  1. Bogdan says:

    Is there anyone playing this game?
    I managed to get 8 … orange coins? … well, I don’t know for sure what they are, and I dont’t know what to do with them either.

  2. Boater says:

    I’ve found 11. You have to go back and forth to the rooms and the stars just appear. Haven’t found anymore yet though

  3. Bogdan says:

    I’ve got 7 more, so now I have 15 coins (?). Do we have to fill all the inventory with orange coins (?) to escape? Or do we have to do something with the coins?

  4. Bogdan says:

    I’ve got my coins by moving the objects in the game. Still I couldn’t tell you how, I moved them randomly because there’s no clue in the game to guide the player and I’ve found no logic in the moves you have to make to get a certain coin.

  5. ginin says:

    Found 14, I think you are supposed to ‘clean’ the entire room

  6. ginin says:

    Found 17.. just keep clicking the items, try to make some new order

  7. ginin says:

    out… wierd game

  8. Alasdair says:


    You need to fill all inventory with “coins” apart from the last one, which is for the key to the door.

  9. Bogdan says:

    @ginin: What do you mean by “try to make some new order”? You can’t put items in another places, you just get to move them a little or lift/lower them.

  10. Bogdan says:

    I think I’ll just give up. 15 “coins” is all I could get. I don’t know what to do with them or how I could find more of them to fill the inventory.
    This is a crazy game!!! :-) How are we supposed to find items without even a single clue?!

  11. Reka says:

    I’m stuck at 15 too. Does anyone know if *all* of the items interact, or whether there are groupings? I.e. if I move the bed, does that affect any combinations with, say, the telephone, or is the phone considered to be in a different “room” and thus independent?

  12. ginin says:

    Keep moving/lifting the items, good things happen, specially by Show

    after some clicks I managed to Show

    . The room gets ordered in the end, but I dunno the exact sequences…

  13. Mimi says:

    I moved the footstool into the middle room and that seemed to uncover more stars

  14. Reka says:

    Ginin, HOW???

    To answer my own question partially, when you leave a view, all the items get reset, so whatever the combinations are, they can only involve items in the same view. Right?

    I’ve tried all 16 combinations with the bed view and the 16 with the door view. The window view has 11 movable items, however, which is way more combinations than I can keep track of. (2^11=2048.)

  15. ginin says:

    The game is kinda silly I know, to succeed you have to do some things in order. First do what Mimi did. You can somehow do this after clicking every item in the room, but I couldn’t figure it out exactly how. Then go to the first view again and something will change.

  16. ca says:

    i found 16 and am giving up. dumb game

  17. NetMonster says:

    Stuck at 15… that’s silly.

  18. otacsaf says:

    I’m out but that seemed like a lot of pointless clicking. Hey, at least I didn’t need a walkthrough! :) Have a great day!

  19. Reka says:

    Ginin, I moved that dang footstool long, long ago. Absolutely nothing has changed in any of the views.

  20. Dimwit says:

    Each time you goto the next room….change the order you click on things.
    Middle room..start from left to right and one click each to elevate or move.
    It will start making sense even though the game doesn’t.

  21. Reka says:

    Ok, I just tried it again (reloaded and started from the beginning). It seems you need to get 16 sparkles (I was missing the one from above the window) before things begin to change.

    To get the one above the window, Show

  22. Reka says:

    (The hint above about getting 16 sparkle thingies is really the key, but it can still be frustrating, so if you’re really stuck, read on.)


  23. vanni_ogg says:

    I think it’s nearly impossible to write a walkthrough for this. This was stupid!

  24. vanni_ogg says:

    Oh, I see you did it Reka. Thanks!

  25. shaz says:

    i only been playing for like 12 mins have found some one said go bk and forth and some items do move and go some where else releasing more of those orange circles,great game now i gotta finish it.

  26. Poisonking the master says:

    Ibeat the whole game it was easy

  27. Nina says:

    Stupid game, just make as many combinations as possible.

  28. Snowman says:

    It’s not even an escape game! Pointless!

  29. Reka says:

    Snowman, how is this not an escape game? You get all the stuff, you arrange them in the proper way, and ta-da, the door opens and you can leave. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

  30. David says:

    I got a D. Boo

  31. Snowman says:

    Well, it just seems like an escape game usually has some kind of logic to it, and I don’t really think this does…

  32. Snowman says:

    But if you’re going to play this, you might as well get it over with quickly. Walkthrough…
    1) Show

    2) Show

    3) Show

    4) Show

    5) Show

    6) Show

    7) Show

    8) Show

    9) Show

    10) But how do I leave?

  33. ESCAPEAHOLIC says:

    To Leave click the blue space where the door used to be and VIOLA!! YOU”RE FREE!

  34. Brendon says:

    Cheers Reka