Reader’s Escape

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Reader's EscapeReader’s Escape is a new little Japanese Room Escape game with no intro and no credits that takes place in a small office. The door is locked (what a surprise!) but it won’t take you long before you escape this room! Nice and very easy, here is a game that we recommend to beginners! Have fun!

Update: Reader’s Escape walkthrough in comment #5 (thanks Andy!)

By Eric

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14 Comments to Reader’s Escape

  1. mammy says:


  2. NetMonster says:

    Stuck. I have found the Show

    , I have taken the Show

    , I have Show

    and I have no idea what to do next. :/

  3. Izzy says:

    search on the left side of the closet, on the ground (screen when closet is on your right side). You will find a key, open thye box with the key. You have a coin. Open the screw with the coin and finish.

  4. NetMonster says:

    Thanks, I always have trouble with those little spots!

    I didn’t use the money anywhere… could I have left the room without it?

  5. Andy says:


    • Bobby says:

      The first map you speak of corresponds to the location of the money on the bookshelves. The boxes are the shelves and the greater than/ less than is how many books to count. Nice walkthrough though!

  6. goldie says:

    Nice game and easy. Thnx All.

  7. Reka says:

    Andy, the second Show

  8. Reka says:

    You only need three things to escape:

  9. laughingpoodle says:

    Short and sweet!

  10. Fallen says:

    Very short. What was the point of the money? >:{

  11. Snowman says:

    Short Way Out Walkthrough:
    It’s easy as
    1… Show

    2… Show

    3! Show

  12. Lily says:

    Umm whats the money for and the map with the numbers?

  13. Clara says:

    easiest escape game i ever played.