Star BearBrother

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Star BearBrotherStar BearBrotherStar BearBrother is a brand new arcade game from GamePure from Japan.

Star BearBrother is a kind of Breakout-type game, with a couple of twists: firstly, in each level, the bricks are falling down from the top of the game window, and you must avoid them while trying to bounce the ball with your pad.

Secondly, after each wave of bricks, you will have to fight and defeat a zodiac-themed Boss, by smashing each of the bricks that compose it at least once.

Control the paddle with the mouse. If a brick hits your pad, don’t worry, you won’t lose a life. But for a few seconds, you won’t be able to smash the ball, and if you miss the ball, you lose a life! When you have no more lives left, the game is over.

Star BearBrother is a very fun and original version of Breakout, but with only five levels in total, it won’t take you long to complete. A hard mode in which you lose a life each time a brick hits your pad and a few more levels would have made this game better.

Have fun!

By Eric

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