Bomb Chain

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Bomb ChainBomb ChainBomb Chain is a little puzzle game in which you have to blow up all the bombs on the board by creating the perfect chain reaction.

Use your mouse to click and drag a bomb from your inventory and drop it onto the board. You can drop a bomb onto an empty square or onto another bomb to combine them into a more powerful bomb.

The game features 40 levels of increasing difficulty and records your best-time score for each level. Your progress is automatically saved after you clear a level.

If you are looking for a simple but challenging puzzle game, then Bomb Chain might be the game for you.

Have fun!

Bomb Chain video walkthrough!

By Eric

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181 Comments to Bomb Chain

  1. nza says:

    for level 20, you put Show

  2. nza says:

    level 25 you put a red one on b2 and a green one on a3 and start it with the flashy red bomb in the upper right corner

  3. ryan says:

    i need help but not with the game if u watch the video for the first 20 levels can anyone tell me the name of the song that is on it
    here is the video link for it:

  4. any says:

    how do u beat lvl 6

  5. moo says:

    i need help with level 11

  6. efrat cohen says:

    im stuck in level 9 what to do?

  7. Rebecca says:

    Level 33 need help please!!!!!

  8. Breanna says:

    How do you do number 12?

  9. Ryan says:

    I need 35. Please. Im going crazy

  10. Throckmocker says:

    Why doesn’t it give you bonus points on 33 if you’ve got bombs left?

  11. Throckmocker says:

    Ryan, the song is:
    Tile :P.O.D. – Youth Of A Nation
    This is lyrics from

    “Last day of the rest of my life
    I wish I would’ve known
    Cause I didn’t kiss my mama goodbye”…

  12. Sofofy says:

    I’m stuck at level 11. Can anyone please post the solution? Thanks! :)

  13. cullen says:

    how do you get past level seven???


  14. alex says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. help me on 28 please

  15. stuckon27 says:

    i need 27

  16. Denzel i'm new :D says:

    LV 20 blows my mind out….i can’t find out how…

  17. Zhooper says:

    i need help with level 10…it wont let me combine all four of the bombs on top of each other…

  18. Hud says:

    guys on 10 you have to combine them in the BOMB BOX, not the actual board.

  19. PLZ_HELP_ME!!!_LOL says:

    hey lol got any thing for lvl 15 its driving me nuts

  20. PLZ_HELP_ME!!!_LOL says:

    for lvl 10′

  21. Josh says:

    lvl 1?

  22. Kate says:


  23. Kate says:

    can ‘t do 20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Kurt says:

    I am stuck in the 22 =/ help plzzzzzzzzzz

  25. zackpenguin says:

    level 14?

  26. careful says:

    24 please!!!!!

  27. 27 says:

    i cant get 27

  28. someguy says:

    woehahaha there are 40 levels i played them all but the highest here is come in lvl 35 haahahahahahaah i know all the answers but its so easy

  29. Jared says:

    I can do stage 35 without using all the bombs… It still says I fail. Odd :)

  30. Max says:

    lvl 14!!!!

  31. Jigger says:

    Help me on level 14