99 Chambers

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99 Chambers99 Chambers99 Chambers is a Riddle game created by Mystery’s Games. Your goal in a Riddle game is to reach the next page by solving the riddles. To do so you just need to change the last part of the URL (The address of the web page) with the word you found solving the riddle.

The author warned: “If you enter this castle of 99 Chambers, you may be locked in for a very long time. But do as you wish. If you decide to enter, remember to use small-case letters and numbers in order to unlock the doors. Be sure to pack Google, Purplehell, some useful software, and don’t forget your brain outside – you will need it. Good luck!”

With that said, have fun!

By Eric

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93 Comments to 99 Chambers

  1. Nickki says:

    Need help with chamber 4….i have can someone help!??!?!

  2. David says:

    nikki, who ya gonna call?

  3. Nickki says:

    THANK YOU DAVID!!!!!!!!

  4. john says:

    still cant get chamber 3?
    any help

  5. bettered says:

    I’m totally f*** up, I get to the door and found a key, but what should I listen to…??? I googled one-t’s song, but can’t find a solution anyway…


  6. bettered says:

    hey, now I’m stuck already again in chamber 2… couldn’t find one, just looking at a blank wall ;-/

    chamber 1:

  7. bettered says:

    chamber 1:



    i think you’ll be thrilled to be out of chamber 1, there will be more to go… ;-)

  8. jschi77 says:

    So, on the very first level, when you look at the source code, what do you erase to put in all the words? i’m really stuck so pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee help me

  9. jschi77 says:

    can someone please tell me what to do on level 2. im really stuck

  10. lori says:

    What is a clue to get to chamber 6?

  11. Ilary says:

    I can’t see anything in the attic (chamber 4)!! I changed colors, used the zoom but nothing! Please help me!

  12. Corrie says:

    i dont hear any song in chamber 1 :(

  13. sisi says:

    cham 1

    I’ve got trouble in chamber4…who is hiding…pls help!

  14. beaker says:

    in chamber 23-I found the four pieces of information but I dont know what to do with #2…help!

  15. bcg says:

    I don’t hear a song in chamber 1 either

  16. panoulis23 says:

    any help for chamber 5 pls, i can’t figure it out

  17. C&C says:

    PPlz how do ya get to chamber two, im up to the bit were it says ‘Listen and you will find the magic key’

  18. C&C says:

    mk im passed that no thx to u !
    Now I could ues your help, I need some help wit the ghost, what r we listing to ?!?!?!

  19. panoulis23 says:

    any help with chamber 5 and ? this is not easy for me, i listen the mp3 but i cant do anything with this.

  20. Morgan says:

    Okay I dnt get chamber 1…I’ve got who the artist is..Im on the part after that.
    “Yes, One-T.
    Why don’t you use it then?”

  21. vErY CoFuZzLeD oVeR hEre! says:

    stuck on one… Is this a game for ppl who know code?

  22. nae-nae says:

    plzzzz i need help on chamber 1…i am stuck where it says Yes One- T why dont youe use it then plzzzz. i really need help!!!

  23. v says:

    then change the end of the url to ‘onet’

    and also wat is that wall???

  24. Becky says:

    after u put ‘onet’ in the next 1 is u put a single ‘t’

  25. fteri says:

    hello!I need help for chamber 5. I listened the mp3 but nothing…Any clues?

  26. Cassie. says:

    Any help on Chamber 5. with the ghost

  27. Cassie. says:

    Chamber 5 ppl!!!!!!!!!

  28. david Goodman says:

    just started playing this game again from the start am on the first chamber have got the first bit but having trouble listening to the next bit my laptop is a mac would that have an inpac on the game i hope not and could i get a clue how to listen to the next clue i think i know but i dosen’t want to work for me

  29. david Goodman says:

    took me a while but on my way

  30. david Goodman says:

    just got there too cassie hows it going

  31. davy.G says:

    dam ghost

  32. davy.G says:

    got stuck on chamber 21 ant clues or hints

  33. davy.G says:

    little help on chamber 5 would be really nice

  34. davy.G says:

    ive listen to the message but im stuck there

  35. Anonymous says:

    For chamber 4 Show

    For chamber 5 Show

  36. CMF says:

    I need help with chamber 21…cant figure it out!

  37. CMF says:

    figured chamber 21 out… now i need help with 23. ive figured out the four clues but i cant figure out the answer. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. sadomastic02 says:

    need help with number 6 any PLEASE help me

  39. Meco says:

    how can i pass chamber 2?
    i can’t see nothing on the wall

  40. isold3 says:

    I need help with second egg of 19…

  41. mtatt says:

    need help with 59

    seen the info in the pic but its taking me to no where in specific