Sling Fire

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Sling FireSling FireSling Fire is the red hot sequel to Sling, the very popular 2D physics platform game created by Ezone founders Jamie and Simon Edis.

“Get ready to fling, flick, snap, bounce, drop and shoot a springy ball of slime through 50 danger filled levels. This time around you can play as Sling or his sister Slingette. Check out the all new grabs including flames, balloons, rockets, fire cannons, beetles and more. Use the all new path guide to line-up those tight flings and tricky bounce shots. Can you restore power and save the citizens of Oozeville?”

If you like Sling, you will probably love Sling fire!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.40


4 Comments to Sling Fire

  1. Tips says:

    Thats a great game!

  2. duck says:

    A very good game! But when you unlock the special price (by completing all levels in gold time) and complete the bonus level, the game reveals the name of a new Sling game which will come soon:

  3. shaan says:

    hey,guys.i’m flattered to say this but sling ice has less stuff,so dont be hiper!

  4. Me says:

    How do U use the rockets on level 42? The rocket on the right is SOOOO hard. Someone please tell me where to point that one.