Mobai Room 2

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Mobai Room 2Mobai Room 2Mobai Room 2 is a new Japanese Room Escape game created by the author of Mobai Room, Swan’s Room, Quaint Room and Another Room.

Just like in the original game, there are only a few objects to pick up with your mouse in Mobai Room 2.

And just like the original, Mobai Room 2 is a very easy Room Escape game, perfect for a coffee break!

Have fun!

Update: Mobai Room 2 walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks anna!)

By Eric

current rating 3.33


23 Comments to Mobai Room 2

  1. Xan says:

    I’m stuck. I got Show

  2. anna says:


  3. Xan says:

    Never mind. Finished it. That was quick

  4. DrumMan07 says:

    Pretty easy. I completed it without a walkthrough

  5. BoMuChan says:

    Me too, very easy.

  6. Ann says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Anna….I needed the help….lol….Ann

  7. Diana says:

    This was an easy and fun game! I love this one as much as Another Room and Quaint Room. I’m so glad this game is finally out! :D

  8. nitrox says:

    fun, great game!

  9. T4MC says:

    i can´t combine two things! Show


  10. Brendever says:

    Easy.Without walkthrough

  11. monte says:

    actually did this one pretty quick with out the walkthrough. yea for me

  12. BoomBoxer says:

    yea. took less than 5 mins. not enuff for a coffee break! lol.
    the sound wuz quite irritating tho. lol. bt i like it that the game is slick :D

  13. anna says:

    @T4MC: Show

    you’re welcome Ann :-)

  14. Bevstar204 says:

    when i click on the plant, i dont get a coin! What do I do?

  15. tina says:

    he he that was eaysy and cute

  16. Z says:

    What! I can’t combine the two balls!

  17. Yuki says:

    i cant click on the two balls wat do i do?

  18. Yuki says:

    for ur ball problem Show

  19. Michelle says:

    I’m really bad at this game!!

    So far I have:
    -fishing rod
    -pink block
    -paper with dots (USED)

    I don’t know how to do it and I’m sorry but I didn’t understand anyone’s walkthrough!!
    Please help me!!

  20. dandall says:

    How do you get Pink block?

  21. Mr Cronk says:

    I can’t get the magnet to stick to the fishing rod.

    • lana reid says:

      your not the only person who can’t put the rod and the horse shoe together. It’s really hard isn’t it? :(

  22. tom says:

    how do i combine the balls