Mobai Room

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Mobai RoomMobai RoomMobai Room is the third and latest Room Escape game released by Mofuya three days ago. Just like in Blue Chamber, there are only a few objects to pick up with your mouse in Mobai Room. Try to combine them and escape the room without blowing yourself up!

It is interesting to note that the main menu of this game looks like a cell phone screen and that the size of the game’s window (240 x 240 pixels) has the same resolution than a 2”6 PDAPhone screen. Is it a coincidence: who knows?

That being said, Mobai Room is a very easy Room Escape game, perfect for beginner and even easier than Blue Chamber!

Have fun!

Two other Room Escape games from Mofuya !

Swan's Room Swan’s Room: the first Room Escape released by Mofuya.
Quaint Room Quaint Room: easier than the previous one.

By Eric

current rating 2.50


64 Comments to Mobai Room

  1. Lu says:

    In swan room, there is no yellow or orange wires in the briefcase, and there is no switch on a green wire (no green wire or switch). I get all the screws off, ten can go no where else as there are only the blue and red wires.

  2. poomooticktock says:

    histamine as jhn, i can’t read the last page of the document.
    and where are the lights?

  3. shaz says:

    eric loved the quiant room

  4. shaz says:

    another great game eric

  5. sally says:

    Lu clicl again on board to removed so you can see the 4 wires
    ..ANY ONE KNOW how to decode the file?

  6. smart one says:

    to combine pen with paper click paper and push combine then click pen and draw on the big sized paper not the little version at the bottom of screen

  7. Marshmellow.on.a.stick says:

    I keep on getting blown up in the end. I try to unscrew the plate in the directions Eric told me but I keep getting blown up! Why? Does it have a grudge against me?

  8. lmmluvstjl4eva says:

    anyone know how to combine the paper and magnifier in the mobai room? im clicking both like crazy (and combine obviously) but it does nothing! lol

  9. Bubba says:

    What do ya do after you done everything up to the part where you get the key from the flower? Do you actually open the breif case or what? Cause when you do there is this bomb and it explodes an it is game over! So HELP!!!!

  10. blackseed says:

    to get paper and magnifying glass to work combine them at the hole in the wall where the sunlight is comong through

  11. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    omigosh dis game doesnt have a walkthru you serious?

  12. theSWIT says:



    &youre out !

  13. ledbetterp3 says:



    &youre out !

  14. dede says: