The Legend Room

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The Legend RoomThe Legend RoomFrom MSN Japan, The Legend Room is a Room Escape advergame to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Boss, a brand of canned and plastic bottled coffee and coffee-flavored beverages sold by Suntory in Japan.

You are trapped in a room, armed only with your cell phone and you must get to get out of here!

The Legend Room features stunning photorealistic animations that will transport you directly to the scene: a must see game!

Have fun!

Source: Nitro59.

Note: please be patient while the game is loading.

Update: The Legend Room walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks Ben!) 

By Eric

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19 Comments to The Legend Room

  1. dazza says:


  2. dazza says:

    anyone know where hte second part of the map is?

  3. Evi says:

    let’s try then!

  4. dazza says:

    givin u try 2morro, only missing second part of map and the key behind the dresser with the globe on :) lol

  5. Ben says:


    The desk, part 1:

    The Globe, Part 1:

    The Fireplace.

    The Globe, Part 2:

    The Desk, Part 2:

    The Coat

    The Desk, Part 3:

    The Globe, Part 3:

    Very nice animation.

  6. Gman says:

    grrrrr another game that takes half a century to load up….and no crap about my comp, it’s made for gaming lol

  7. mammy says:

    Nice, but easy..

  8. aissa says:

    omg. it takes too long… the game is making me sleep! i need help!

  9. aissa says:

    i know! i hear yu gman! it makes me sleep1 it took half an hour for this frigging game to load up! who made it? cuz they must be crazy. lol!

  10. aissa says:

    wat it say? i aint chinese1

  11. Ann says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough BEN….I really enjoyed this game, as you said, the graphics were great!………….Ann

  12. nitrox says:

    omfg, i was like awsome it loaded in less than 1 min, but that was only the preview! :*(

  13. Me says:

    Is there an english version???

  14. Curtis says:

    This game takes FOR-EV-ER to load!

  15. Curtis says:

    47801! Way easy.

  16. Lesterly says:

    gah! i think ill go eat lunch and come back when this is done loading….taking waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy 2 long.

  17. Mihad says:

    I Play ‘Escape Room’ Games since .. like forever .. & this game is the easiest one ever to play .. I did it within 5 minutes .. I hope everybody enjoyed it .. I wish there could be more of this type .. you feel like it’s real with the person with the hand & stuff .
    Great leading by the way .. thanks for the walkthrough ^^

  18. McFee says:

    It’s down for me – site comes up but there’s no Room, and certainly nothing ledgenday about it.