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Just EscapeJust Escape is a new Room Escape game created by Peter Tarasov. According to the size of the game (19ko only), it is a very short game. But it doesn’t mean that it is a simple one. At the time of writing, it seems that no one managed to get out of this room. Will you be the first one? Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. pOlo says:

    wtf O__o took the tablets and the syringe… ehm yes..thats all

    • Rebecca says:


      YOU WON
      Have fun people and enjoy

  2. Mosh says:

    The Code for the safe:


  3. pOlo says:

    code for the saffe…


  4. tannisan says:

    what about the riddle in the door? i know that lambda, rho and omega are greek letters; 1,2 and 3 numbers… some ideas?

    • Andres Camargo says:

      you take the pills and the needle. Show

      you will get a paper in which says Show

      they assign a number to every symbol on the puzzle in the principal door, and this numbers means a position, so what you have to do is solve the puzzles with the possitions in the paper :)

  5. A. says:

    It’s a 15 puzzle: all the characters represent numbers. Arrange them from 1 to 9.

  6. pOlo says:

    dont understand what you mean with 15 puzzle… how do i have o arrange them? häääääää

  7. ATM EFD says:

    but what number does each character represent

  8. Ali says:

    wat is the needle an paper 4???someone please post a walkthro!

  9. hehehehehe says:

    come on you guys you know a 15 puzzle

    i get what the code on the paper represents but im not sure where the empty space goes.

  10. L says:

    Has anyone finished this? paper, I’m guessing is a clue for the slider puzzle-which i have no idea how to do! And needle?!?!?! No idea? this is doing my head in! Please help, anyone???

  11. john says:

    I solved the tiles and the sage.

    The paper gives us the number sequence for the puzzle pieces. Show

    The real problem is how is the puzzle numbered?


    The number sequence could really be anything.

    The only clue to the numbering sequence being something different than standard is Show

    But that number setup creates an unsolvable puzzle. I tried to solve it but got stuck where two adjacent tiles were reversed and I could not fix them. Then I got frustrated and looked up this type of puzzle on the www to see if any would discuss how to switch two adjacent tiles and found that if there are two adjacent tiles that need to be switched, the site I found said it can not be done….there is no solution to switch two adjacent tiles and not change some of the tiles in the rest of the puzzle.

    Then I found a site with a program to solve this type of puzzle. I put the numbers in and the program also says that the above number sequence is not solvable.

    So….there are many different sequences, some can be solved, for the numbers but I am not sure which one the author used to create the puzzle.

    I have tried a few and none seem to work. I tried a vertical sequence:

    I do not want to try every possible combination.

    So for me, I am just going to move on.

    Good luck to any of you that stick with it.

  12. pOlo says:

    gna. put this game away… no one can solve it……… it sucks

  13. jane says:

    maybe you shold get a several number if you add each line oder column… always 15 or something like that

  14. shelly says:

    go to the “please win this game” scene, right click on your mouse and click forward and it will say you won!

  15. pOlo says:

    that does not work with my programme… so it’s not the solution.. anyway,its stupid

  16. Anonymous says:



  17. Eric says:

    Anonymous – Nice try, but IMHO, it doesn’t work…

  18. chichi says:

    Hey, I found this on gamershood:

    Author’s comments:


  19. Courtney says:

    haha thanks shelly, ur right, it did let me win when i did that.

  20. DNOMN8R says:

    Walkthrough (finally):


  21. dragon says:

    NO One Can BEAT IT I DID

  22. Friend says:

    Hey guys i suggest u all just give up

  23. carly says:

    heyyyyyyyyy this game is not fun at alll…………

  24. somebody says:

    Thank’s poe322. I WON!!!!!

  25. M.E> says:

    I did that but it still does nothing–I have the correct code in the puzzle, I did everything else and it does nothing.

  26. DeathLord& says:


  27. king says:

    its all impossible

  28. anonim says:

    the “15 puzzle” is


  29. Susan says:

    Won the game but it wasn’t one of my favorite escapes! Soooo glad it was a very short experience…..

  30. bra says:

    anomin that doesnt work

  31. chrissy says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    how do you do it?????


  33. Sam says:

    i neeed a reallly walkthrough… this game sucks theres nothing and i cant find the paper or the stupid horse shoe u guys are all talking about ?
    and how am i sopost to know what greek number means what !

  34. hi says:

    i dont get it

  35. andy says:

    use the shot at the sign that says please it opens a key

  36. Eric B. says:

    oh well thats easy

  37. george bell says:

    Boring i done it in in 2 min and 24.81sec(i timed myself

  38. Harmony352 says:

    shelly – June 5,2007 – 3:37 pm
    go to the “please win this game” scene, right click on your mouse and click forward and it will say you won!

    I was trying to do the slider puzzle for ages. then i tried what she said and i won. that sucked.

  39. Argentinimous says:

    I WON!!! HAHAHA!

  40. Anon. says:

    I don’t understand what the needle is for. It wasn’t required to win at all.

  41. me says:

    this is really boring.i think there should be some help to solve it.i say that this is a very very stupid game.

  42. ciaran says:

    just click your mouse right and press forwards and it will say YOU WIN

  43. s says:

    i don’t know why yall all say its impossible cause its not.

    hope this helped everyone who thought it was impossible!

  44. BrianPuzzler says:

    The safe sign should have Show

    , then it would’ve made sense.

  45. craig says:

    omg its a magic square :)

  46. Molly'Wardleeeee says:

    LOL. i did it EASYYYYYY! :D <3 Show

  47. Sally says:


    YOU WON!!!!

  48. Timeala says:

    Yay after a long long long long long time I figured out what you meant by “forward”!!!! lol :p