AdventureX 2

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AdventureX 2AdventureX 2AdventureX 2 is the sequel to the German Room Escape game AdventureX.

“Hey you! I guess you wonder where you are. And how the hell you got here. But you shouldn’t care about that right now.
You are trapped! But I’ll give you one more chance. A chance to escape.
Look around! These are special rooms – they bear many secrets… It’s up to you to unveil them. It’s your only chance to get your life back. I’m watching you! And now… wake up!”

Released just one year after AdventureX, in April 2006, the sequel has word for word the same introduction as the one in the original game. Luckily, if the author was too lazy to change the content of the introduction, the sequel is actually more enjoyable than the original.

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks Mammy!)

By Eric

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44 Comments to AdventureX 2

  1. Totenkopf says:


    I’m stuck downstair…help!

  2. casi says:

    what math are you supposed to do?i can’t figure it gives me a large number.can you help please.thank you

  3. Mosh says:


  4. noname says:

    where do you find the scissor

  5. egg says:

    where are the scissors exactly

  6. mammy says:



    A walkthrough for some of you, in case you need it….





















  7. yamon says:


  8. yamon says:

    Easier exit code computation, at least for me.Show

  9. stacks says:

    Sorry guys but your explaining sucks!! there’s no way I can understand the last combination. PI is 3,141 592 653 589 793 238 462… the digits on the red board are 10 14 34 3 56 98 2 25. how do you work the keypad and how do you find the combination? Help please!

  10. Piranha says:

    My key won’t go into the fire place key hole?????

  11. Piranha says:

    PI rounded down is 3.14 use that to solve the puzzle

  12. Piranha says:


  13. DNOMN8R says:

    I can’t get the key to fit in the keyhole. Help please!

  14. DNOMN8R says:

    Never mind, I got it.

  15. BK says:


  16. Morgan says:

    this game is so glitchy i can only get the water glass.. it wont let me click anything else.. =/

  17. dimitar says:

    omg this game is rly hard thanks to the walkthrough i made it out
    so far i had the glass and the aerosol omg my congrats to the author

  18. christen says:

    I do not get it and can not get out!!! Really sad!!! I did everything else on my own! GRRRRRR!! Anyone want to just give the answer? That would be great!

  19. christen says:

    OK NVM I found the answer!!!

  20. CP says:

    Ok, I cannot get the valve on the H2O to work. I keep clicking on the valve and nothing happens…HELP

  21. brittany says:

    PLEASE HELP i cant figuer out how to do the math thing like i dont no how to type it in because i figured out the problem but i dont no how to type it in please help me!!!

  22. no says:

    were do u get the other wire from?

  23. TruelyLies says:

    For the other wire….


  24. foodleface says:

    try pressing the Tab key if stuck

  25. megumi chan says:

    I DONT GET THEY NUMerical values thing
    anyone care to explain?

  26. ELSID61 says:

    how do you enter the numbers above the exit sign?????????????????

  27. tozzy says:

    how do u pour the liquid and funnel thing i dont get it?

  28. dani says:

    i cant get the pi thingy!!!!
    please help!!!

  29. Freak! says:

    Maybe he should have made the 9’s look like 9’s instead of g’s.

  30. tipton says:

    thats how the nines are written where he is from

  31. shaz says:

    ok im at point where im at red box but funnel wont go in hole so i can pour green stuff in … help please.

  32. shaz says:

    how the heck do u put code in near red box when i click i cant do nowt

  33. Chris says:

    The math is not a sum. Look at the tv and it shows an equation.

  34. lrluskk says:

    The code to get out at the last room is

  35. Bree says:

    the stupid key won’t go in, how do u get it in exactly?

  36. AHHHHH says:

    I can’t turn the H20 valve on – is there a glitch Ahhhhhhh

  37. rhi says:

    i can’t turn the valve on the h20 either!!!

  38. DaelAnne says:

    I can’t get the pliers to cut the wire! HELP!

  39. Mike says:

    the key at the end is SUPPOSE to be Pi, but the programmer obviously doesn’t know what the value of Pi is. Pi is 3.14159265 etc etc etc. NOT 3.7249013. Just goes to show, don’t do drugs and stay in school kiddies.

  40. Arashi says:

    I really have a problem…I know where the scissors suposse to be, but I can´t zoom into the sink, I only get the aerosol, weight, valve, glass, water, found the numbers behind the paintings, get the fire off…but I can´t find the scissor…should I give up?
    Is anybody here?!

  41. daisy says:

    click fireplace to zoom before trying to unlock

  42. jessy says:

    For the logic behind the Pi puzzle downstairs:



  43. Nik says:

    Mammy ty vm the end was difficult for me, as I suffer from Lyme and my cognitive skills are rather gone. without ur help at the end I would have failed :)

  44. Anonymous says:

    Can’t even figure how to get the key from the walkthrough up there?