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RingsRingsRings is a fast paced action/puzzle game created by Stephen Harris, the author of the very popular Bloons and More Bloons.

Your main goal here is to build complete set of 4 rings by dragging rings around the board. Rings can be placed on top of larger rings, or in an empty cell. A new ring appears in the center cell and after a few seconds, it moves toward a neighboring cell. Click the center cell or press space bar to move the ring without waiting.

The game immediately ends when a new ring moves on top of a smaller ring.

Each complete set of 4 rings increases your bonus bar. Fill the bar completely to enter the Powerzone, where you get extra points for 30 seconds.

The concept of Rings is original and the game is simple and fun to play. On the downside, graphics could have been better, there is no background music and there is probably too much randomness/luck into the game. That being said, Rings is an exciting and addictive game, recommended for all the family.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


3 Comments to Rings

  1. jonas a says:

    ok cool game:D

  2. tannisan says:

    nice and cool! :P

  3. Chelsea says:

    This is an easy game lol but it passes the time when ur in studyhall