The Crossing

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The CrossingThe CrossingFerry Halim of Orisinal released a few days ago The Crossing, a new wonderful little time waster.

The Crossing can’t be described as particularly innovative but the overall quality of the artwork is outstanding.

Your goal here is simply to prevent deer from falling in a forest stream. To do so, use your mouse to move the sliding platform and use it as a bridge to the other side of the stream.

Press and hold your mouse button to freeze the additional red platform for a limited time. Catch the falling leaves and get an extra life, a longer platform or triple your points for a limited time.

If The Crossing is worth playing to experience the graphics and the unique deer animations, it becomes quickly repetitive and doesn’t offer much replay value. That being said, here is another excellent production from Ferry Halim that is highly recommended for the kids!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.33


3 Comments to The Crossing

  1. Jerre says:

    i find it boring and way to easy
    score: 9.970.430
    long live triple points 8-) =P

  2. Amy says:

    Very pretty and relaxing though. It would make a good school exercise in animation.

  3. DaDewd says:

    Dang. The music was sad and I couldn’t keep playing because I felt bad every time I lost one XD!