The Scene of the Crime – Golden Doll

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The Scene of the Crime – Golden Doll is the first installment in the new The Scene of the Crime Point’n’Click adventure series from Pastel Games.

“It was a quiet night. Until now.

It all began when the phone rang. A small house on the beach, something really bad happened there.

Try to find out what. Collect evidence, find suspects, solve the case.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.61


22 Comments to The Scene of the Crime – Golden Doll

  1. Genie says:

    anyone playing? I’ve managed to Show

    • Genie says:

      nvm – it’s possible a “nothing” appeared on the info bar above but I don’t fancy reloading to check, it took long enough first time.

  2. me says:

    nothing there Genie.

    i am having trouble getting to the evidence board, when you have no new evidence.

    I am stuck at the 3rd location Show

    • me says:

      found the board.

      also, to progress in this game u have to Show

  3. kate says:

    and done…wow I love forensic games

    • kate says:

      A little tip: everytime you get stuck, check the reports on your desk and try to match leads on the leadboard.

    • Gabriella Unixcorn says:

      I do too ^-^
      There so funnnn!!!
      I just wish they were


  4. Genie says:

    I’m out now. Not a bad game though some inconsistencies (referring to clues that I hadn’t found yet) and the end was a bit confusing.

    I’m going to make lunch now but I’ll check in to see if you need help, though there is a video walkthrough.

  5. Katie123 says:

    Anyone playing?

  6. captain wafer says:

    There’s nothing on the gas machine. go to the front door of the station and click on a small square on the door. I need to get to the hotel but it won’t show up on the map.

  7. Merlina says:

    Ok I’m doing something wrong, how do you close the map? Lol. It scrolls but that is it.

  8. Merlina says:

    Nevermind, power of posting and all that. I didn’t scroll all the way over so I missed the location.

  9. D says:

    actually, this is game 2 of the ‘Scene of the Crime series’ ;)
    so happy… really loved the FIRST one – have been eagerly awaiting game 2 – and now, having played through, am hoping there are more to come :)

    Game 1

    • RunninglVlan says:

      Wow, thanks a lot, I didn’t know about the first one.
      Two parts of the series are just great. Can’t wait till the next game.
      I think, that these are the first detective games that I play in flash and they are so cool!

  10. Malcolm says:

    im Stuck On 3rd Location And Annoyed At The Bum in The Alley What Do i Do??

  11. Gabriella Unixcorn says:

    I’m stuck on the 7th dot :’|
    I REALLY wanna finish dis, but it so hard!! :O

  12. Gabriella Unixcorn says:

    Can someone please tell me —


    Thanxs You!! ♥♥♥

  13. Gabriella Unixcorn says:



  14. bagi shirisha says:

    im stuck with 5 locations .i cant open the oceanic bank location.someone help me