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Binary is a very nice puzzle game from Ansel Lies.

“Two supercomputers orbit each other deep in space, temporarily offline. A blue-collar techie lands his spacecraft on the surface, and disembarks. His mission: to return power to all four cores and reactivate the data beam.

Binary is a challenging game that will test your mind and sometimes your patience!”

Have fun!

Binary video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.15


25 Comments to Binary

  1. Darkstar says:


  2. auroura says:

    No walkthrough or puzzle solve yet?

  3. Kongquake says:

    I uploaded the first two puzzles to my youtube channel but I didn’t find a really optimal or nice strategy to show in the other puzzles, if someone can help, please post it here! ;)

  4. me says:

    finished. good game.

  5. Avatar says:


  6. Unowninator says:

    Is there a way to either reset the puzzle or quit the puzzle so I can do the other one?

  7. cadet96 says:

    Great game, really no way to do a walkthrough, just a lot of trial and error

  8. xD says:

    I need help in the third puzzle, please

  9. victoria says:

    third puzzle help any idea’s help full can’t get through

  10. travis says:

    i can get through the puzzle on the left but not on the right the right is hard? i need a walkthrough or something i want to finish this game and im not really patient!

  11. Tom says:

    I really enjoyed doing those puzzles – let’s hope there is a second episode soon

  12. guest says:

    The third puzzle is probably a breeze to those who are ace at Rubik’s Cube. Unfortunately I’m not one of them. It gets sort of depressing when you can’t get ahead no matter how hard you try.

  13. Shelby says:

    I can’t solve the 3rd puzzle. Am I totally stupid? any hints?!

  14. red5thedragon says:

    Hint for 6×6 puzzle (right one for the first level):

  15. Sol says:

    No solution to the third one, but noticed this at least:

    Now what is the best strategy …

  16. Sol says:

    Yesss! Once you know the right strategy, the third puzzle is rather easy.

    • Sol says:

      Oops. In step 4 that’s definitely moving the tile to the RIGHT … well, you know what i mean … :D
      And of course for the other positions, Show

    • guest says:

      Thank you! I got through it with that strategy, and the rest of the puzzles were much easier, I think.

  17. Sol says:

    If there’s someone who needs a walkthrough for the puzzles, just say … (though, these door puzzles were more intuition for me than really thinking ahead).

  18. diogenis says:

    Easy as A, B, C….

  19. piePIEpie says:

    No complete walkthrough yet? Aww…

  20. ANNA BELLAA says:

    NERDS!?! It’s okay I am too but a cute nerd.