Concert 2

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Concert 2Concert 2 is a new Room Escape game created by the author of Concert, a game released two months ago. Your goal is again to find a ticket for a concert and leave! The game is all written in Japanese, but it shouldn’t be really a problem for most of you, Point’n’Click lovers! Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #12 (thanks Denny!)

By Eric

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29 Comments to Concert 2

  1. emily says:

    well i finished the game and no one else has seemed to play it yet. but if you do let me know if you want sum help.

  2. Sam says:

    walkthrough please!

  3. Sam says:

    What is the code for the locked box?!?!

  4. Kat says:

    We need a walkthrough the locked box is killing me!!

  5. brandy says:

    The code for the box Show

  6. mel says:

    where is the green paint?

  7. zach says:

    how do you move the cat away from the computer i have everything but like two colors i have some cork lookin thing with a strew or somthing a silver key i have no idea what it goes to some fluffy thing on a stick a pin an paint brush and concert tickets and thats what i havent used cant seem to find the remaining paint missing two colors any help please

  8. Sara! says:

    the green paint is Show

    But how do you get the blue paint(s)

    and how do you move the cats!

  9. chichi says:


  10. Jeff says:


  11. Jeff says:

    silver key


  12. Denny says:

    Concert 2 walkthrough


  13. A says:

    thx 4 the walkthrough…isnt this game just like the first one?

  14. Kariokee05 says:

    Okay…I don’t know if anyone is even still looking at this page anymore, but if so…how do I break the spotted cat? I’ve been clicking on it for quite a while and it won’t break. Does it just take forever? Or am I supposed to click a certain spot, or use a certain tool?

  15. Kariokee05 says:

    Just kidding. I got it.

  16. chxnzjk says:

    how do you combine the handle and the screw?

  17. KT says:

    how do you break the spotted cat? i can’t get it!!! HELP!!!

  18. KT says:

    This game is DUMB I can’t break the cat!!! I QUIT!!!

  19. dan says:

    u dont break the cat just carry on with the rest of the game i did

  20. ryan says:

    how do you break the cat?

  21. jenna says:

    i am stuck on everything can we have a walkthrough here please


    i dont know the code for the box i have the piece of paper with 6 colours on it Show

    but i can find the last colour and the code pls help

  23. PWINCESS says:


  24. Amber says:

    to combine the screw to the handle, click on the handle and then about the item, and then click on the screw and click on the nob

    I hope this helps!

  25. Snowman says:

    Concert 2 Walkthrough
    Facing Bulletin Board

    Facing Door

    Facing Fridge

    Facing Window

    Facing Bulletin Board

    Facing Fridge

    Facing Door

  26. Brittany says:

    Next time someone figures out the code for the locked box on the shelf, could they please sat where they got the code from?

  27. kendall says:

    I CANT FIND OUT HOW TO GET THE FREAKIN BLUE PAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. maan says:

    hate it! i’ve searched everywhere but i still can’t find the blue paint!!!! somebody help me plsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!