Defuse the Bomb

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Defuse the BombDefuse the BombDefuse the Bomb was released yesterday. This new Room Escape game will probably remind you the previously reviewed The Escape Game also known as Escape the Bomb.

According to the Author, Nick, Defuse the Bomb “is a lot like Escape the Bomb at first (well there’s a bomb, and there’s a clock and a cabinet in one room, the graphic style is the kind of the same), but it changes drastically later. All those little elements like combining items, solving little puzzles, and even solving a code or two are all in there”…

So once again, you are trapped in a room and you have two hours before the bomb blows up (which means you can die in this one). And yes, Defuse the Bomb borrows a lot of ideas from Escape the Bomb and is really close to the original!

Be warned: there is no chance you will find the computer password if you don’t have a QWERTY keyboard!

Have fun!

Defuse the Bomb walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.78


95 Comments to Defuse the Bomb

  1. Aia Konai Artificial Intelligence Agency says:

    hint on the code Show

  2. a guy says:

    I really dont care it is pointed out that the combo for the lock is 6336, i still have yet to see it in there, and i’ve read the walkthrough and played the game. it was a good game yes but you need to work on it some more. I really cant find it, at all

  3. JACKO13 says:

    :( the shutdown code wont work

  4. Jodie says:

    password for the computer is Show

    and to shut the computer down the code is Show

  5. Snowman says:

    Note, there is a misleading code in this game. If you have done the clues right, then you should get a code saying: Show

    However, there has been a mistake and the real code is Show

    Anyway, an important tidbit you should know.

  6. yo says:

    The CODES for The computer are


  7. Person Who Can Use A Brain says:

    Ok for all of you who cant get how the shut down code,

    ,was found. The 3 notes you find have a row of charictors on the bottom. you change any of the !=1 @=2 #=3 $=4 5=% 6=^ &=7 *=8 (=9 )=0 this comes frm the numbers along you keyboard. the just put them together. NOT HARD it tells you on the third note.

  8. talayaih says:

    hey everyone…
    this games was a mad game i had fun playing it but the thing that got me angry was the codes the codes some fo you had were wrong like… the computer turning on the code some of you gave us was:

    and yeah thats all
    but besides the mistake the game was very interesting
    thanks for your help guys

  9. yo says:

    Person Who Can Use wath?? jajajajaja ok I admit I made a misstake, the silver key is for the secon door not for t cabinet, but u have a vera large name for someone who is telling “nothing” you way to know the code mas be induced by drugs or something cause d code for shut down the computer is soooooo diffrent…. so much for a name ah? keep trying looser, and the next time try to speak to the people with a little bit of respect cause u are very wrong, in the code and in your way to belive u r more then the rest LOOSEEEEEEER!!!!

    as I said before the codes are:


  10. tiffany says:

    How do you set items back down. I think I could beat this if I just knew how to set down this 1st philip screwdriver i have and pick up the key and flathead, and scraps of paper and all my other stuff

  11. robby says:

    will any body give me a REAL CODE! but all i i i now i scewed

    • Nathan says:

      1st password: Show

      shut down code: Show

      combo lock: Show

      but do not cut this wire: Show

      i do not know which wire is correct, but don’t cutShow

  12. Chris says:

    “yo” you’re the one with no respect.

    So where can I find the walkthrough for the “other” version of this game?

  13. n says:

    when u cut the purple wire u explode
    dont cut the purple wire

  14. rt says:

    my key won’t work on bookshelf, help!

  15. someone who needs help says:

    how do you get a tool out of your hands after you use it?

  16. killboy says:

    to find no 2 scroll use knife to cut open cloth on drawers opened by old key

  17. CLL says:

    how to get the lock password 6336 ? somebody can tell me?? tq

  18. Jessica says:

    I keep trying to cut the purple wire and everytime i die. :S

  19. coolyo says:

    this is the proper walkthrough altogether

  20. coolyo says:

    hopefully this will help those who are confused

  21. oobligosh says:

    if 4 sum reason the codes don work (the laptop ones) just copy and paste them!!!!
    i know its cheating but if your really stuck thats the only way around it

  22. ruby says:

    the lock code wont work ahhhh

  23. salman says:


  24. SamieeTaylor says:

    if you cant find the old gold key thingy well …

    you go in the second room and in the bottom right hand corner off the room with the desk and computer init and it will be there

  25. adrian says:

    this is stupid. where do the codes come from

  26. roachie666 says:


  27. James Bond says:


  28. Brandon says:


    Can someone please tell me the correct shutdown code for the computer. I tried decoding the symbols and I got this…


    But that code didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  29. Brandon says:

    Ok I have all the correct codes now, thanks James Bond! :D


  30. curtis says:

    where do you get the old key and what wire do you cut

  31. CoolChic says:

    All the computer shutdown codes dont work!
    And actually, Brandon, it IS mdao!!!!!
    And your shutdown code does not work!

    • Lindsey says:

      I think it’s funny how you say that some of the codes don’t work but they worked for me! the code with ndao worked and the long drawn out shut down code worked also. I just beat the game in five minutes with them! sure I did cheat though =P

  32. dvcvvxc says:

    nothing worked none of the tips helped

  33. taasha says:

    walkthrough beware


    Congrats, you beat the game (too bad you used a guide cheater)

  34. Pilas says:

    Thx Brandon

  35. athene says:

    Think the game has a bug – once I pick up something I can no longer put it down meaning I can’t use anything else….

    Would be a good game otherwise.