Strange Room

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Strange RoomStrange RoomStrange Room is another small Room Escape game from Japan. The game is only available in Japanese, but the author announced on his site that he is working on an English version. Strange Room was first released last December, but the author decided to improve/update his game: he revamped the graphics, changed some puzzles and here is a brand new version of Strange Room!

No more “D” button for drag, simply select an item in your inventory to use it. Use the magnifier buttons to look closely to an item and then select another item if you want to try to combine them together.

The question is why the original version of the game is no longer available? That being said, I managed to find 12 items on 13 so far, and I have the feeling that I will escape soon!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks Lily!)

By Eric

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19 Comments to Strange Room

  1. Mofu says:

    I think you really need to speak (and read!) Japanese to know what has to be done.
    I’ve got 9 items, including a book which I can’t read…


  2. Eric says:

    Mofu – Zoom out Show

  3. mammy says:

    help..the code to kumatt?? behind the picture.

  4. Mofu says:

    Indeed, that’s the next stop. I’ve got all 13 items!!!

    But now i’m stuck again at the code

  5. Mofu says:

    I have all 13 items.

    I’ve found something out but it’s written in Japanese

    I’ve found 4 letters so far connected to numbers, but don’t know what to do…

  6. Lily says:



  7. Phreak says:


  8. chuck says:

    If you play the CD in the wall CD Player, it gives you access to the roses and you can find a gold key in the roses.

  9. Pond says:

    I can’t get SD card.. How can i get it?

  10. moi says:

    SD card is under the ashtray on left of window

  11. moi says:

    but where did you all find the CD? i escaped without using a CD..

  12. DNOMN8R says:

    I can’t get the SD card. Help!

  13. Chelly says:

    I can’t get the SD card or the R=? in the diary!

  14. acacia says:

    what is the code for the thing behind the pic

  15. acacia says:

    what is the code after 5010?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. DNOMN8R says:

    OK: to get the SD card:

    Took me ages to get.

  17. littlemommad says:

    The code after 5010 is Show

  18. DNOMN8R says:

    The “Alfred” code changes each game.

  19. daestarr says:

    it seems to me that while you don’t need the gold key from the roses, or the cd or the sd card, these things might get you a different ending like in other games. You know, like 80% ending vs a 100% ending…. just a thought..