Obama Potter and the Magic Coin

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Obama Potter and the Magic CoinObama Potter and the Magic CoinAfter Redhead Prison Escape, Obama versus Aliens and Obama Presidential Escape, here is Obama Potter and the Magic Coin, the latest Point’n’Click adventure game from inkagames.

“A long time ago, a group of Wizards gave the Muddle World a magic coin as a gift to strengthen their friendship. This coin named ‘Aliquantum Prospera’ contains a powerful spell to guarantee prosperity in the whole Muggle World.

Unfortunately, evil Voldemord has stolen the coin and has cast the ‘Crisiatus Curse’ on it to ruin Muggle World’s wellbeing.”

Your goal is to face up to Voldemord and recover the magic coin!

Have fun!

Obama Potter and the Magic Coin walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

Obama Potter and the Magic Coin video walkthrough (thanks Prid!)

By Eric

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  1. myrdlebp says:

    No Way! This has been up for a while and no one has yet to post FIRST!? Or LIVE GAME? Must be the end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Momo says:

    an “I’m first!”-comment isn’t helpful and maybe therefore no one did it

  3. Prid says:

    Great Game! Already Half The Way :D


  4. Prid says:

    Can’t Get The Unicorn’s Tail :(

  5. Prid says:

    Nevermind, Got It =)

  6. Prid says:

    Finished! Great Game :D

    Walkthroug On Way!

  7. jackivee says:

    That was fun…ending a little frustrating, though.

  8. Prid says:

    Video Walkthrough



    PS: Starting To Write The Text Walkthrough, It’s Going To Be Hard Work :(

  9. Vanni_ogg says:

    i think i need a feather for the ink. where to find one?

  10. dill says:

    get into harrys room with password for ink

  11. Prid says:



    Please Keep In Mind That I Used Alot Of Time Writing This Walkthrough, So Please Tell Me If It Is Helpfu or Not :D


    • gabe5000 says:

      I guess your walkthrough was okay. Unfortunately, you forgot a few parts on little things you have to do such as doing the thing with the feather and ink and paper before you put it in the cauldron. And some other small details. But, otherwise, keep up the good work!

      • gabe600 says:

        i already got the feather and how do i beat the evil mouse

      • Joanna says:

        To gabe600: You must first use the animagus spell on the rat and it will become Peter Petipuff the chocolate eater and you must have a scoop of th potion you made and then Pour it on the Chocolate frog and give it to Peter then it will tell you the truth and give you something to get pass that place… Good luck…

      • Sb says:

        it was GREAT!tnx realllllllly much:D

    • jake says:

      u forgot that u hav touse the feather on the inkand paper before u put it in the couldren

    • Joanna says:

      Thank you for the Walkthrough… We made it… :)

    • Arthur says:

      Great Walkthrough! I hope u make MANY more! :) :D :**:

  12. Grootmoeder says:

    Yes it is helpful, it is a good walkthrough, thank you Prid

  13. Prid says:

    Thanks For Telling Me How it Was! I really appriciate it, Grootmoeder :D


  14. DNOMN8R says:

    You just need to

  15. Toxic says:



  16. kojote says:

    Thanks prid – the walkthrough was helpful

  17. Fraser says:

    wat mix

  18. Kanna says:

    Wow, another new game ;D

    Let’s see if I can beat this one without a walkthrough…

  19. Kanna says:

    Okay… stuck.

  20. Prid says:

    WHY IS MY VIDEO WALKTHROUGH STILL AWAITING MODERATION!!! I am sick of this… Why doesn’t a post with a link gets published the same moment as all the other comments? Then It means I have to move on to another site because of this? I’ve waited a whole day to see my video walkthrough post get published! Why?!?!?!?!?


  21. goldie says:

    Thnxxxx, Prid for the W.T. groetjes.

  22. Fraser says:

    To prid

    wat mix

    • joey says:

      did u use the feather with the ink then the papper if u did put the feather in the pot

  23. Fraser says:

    ty prid good walkthrough

  24. Jade Wolf says:

    @ Prid – Great walkthrough!!!

  25. Tomlowe3 says:

    good w.t. Prid thanks alot

  26. daz says:

    i cant get through the yard guy.what do i do

    • Joanna says:

      Yard guy? Did you mean the troll? You must first have to have a heavy ball, and then you use your wand, point at the ball and spell ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ Then it will knock the troll’s head which makes him fall…

  27. Leianne says:

    this is probably a really dumb question, but how do you write on the paper? I keep getting the message ‘the paper is empty, it’s useless to write on it’

  28. Leianne says:

    other than that the walk through has been very helpful

  29. DNOMN8R says:


  30. adam says:

    what spell do you kill voldemort

  31. brennan bruh says:

    what do u do when ure making the potion and u heat up the thing then what

  32. ian nelson says:

    how do you get a gryndilows finger?????????????????????

  33. firas says:

    good walkthrough

  34. Prid says:

    Wow, I really can’t Believe That So Many People Actually Found My Walkthrough Really Helpful. Thanks EVERYONE :D

    And someone said: What Mix?

    The Mix in The Cauldron. Wouldn’t Someone Call A Pony Tail, And A Bunch Of Other Stuff For A Mix? A Mix Of Different Things…. Nevermind!

  35. Jessica says:

    When I trow the feather into the mix it says: My sixt sense tells me that the feather will be useful for something else. What do I do?? :(

  36. griff says:

    whats the feather for ?

    • serena says:

      you use it for the paper after you put the revelium spell on it after you put the feather in the ink

  37. Nyrene says:

    tencU prid it was very1,000,000,000,000x helpful

    I’ve finished it

  38. zebar says:

    it’s nice

  39. Melissa :) says:

    What do you do after Voldemort missed casting a spell on you? What spell do I use?

  40. FEATHER?? says:



  41. FEATHER?? says:


  42. johnny says:

    how can i get the FROG >????????

  43. uncle bob says:

    “i said your dress is good in Harry’s room but the lady warn me”. i cant continue the game so any one help me

  44. Kobe Agliam says:

    Man!!! I can’t seem to put the feather in the cauldron. How can I finish the spell now?

  45. Madeleine says:

    Thanks Prid,I’m honoured.I’ll look forward for more of your walkthroughs!o..^v^..o

  46. sloanealberts3456 says:

    how do i get the emblem? pls. help me!!

  47. Lily says:

    I can’t drink the Felix Felicis!

  48. Lily says:

    What course will I use to defeat Voldemort? Or shall I say, How can I defeat him?